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Located in the mountain region of the western United States, Wyoming is actually the 10th largest state in the entire nation. Despite the state’s large size, the population sits at just under 600,000, giving Wyoming the fewest residents in the entire country. In addition, it’s also the least densely populated state among the continental U.S. with six people per square mile. Even with its small population, Wyoming is home to the first official National Park (Yellowstone), the first National Monument (Devil’s Tower), the first Dude Ranch, and the first coal mine. Wyoming was also the first state to give women the right to vote.

Wyoming has approximately 99,000 horses, which may place it near the back of the pack in terms of horse population, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s not one of the most horse-friendly states in the entire country. Wyoming is actually first in the country in terms of horses per person with a ratio of only 5.1 people per horse. Wyoming has a deep affinity for horses – Wyoming license plates even feature a man riding a bucking bronco! The Wyoming horse industry is valued at around $286 million, which is greatly contributed to by the state’s rich tradition with rodeo and other equestrian activities.

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  Wyoming in Numbers:
img Horse Population: Approximately than 99,000
img Total Economic Impact: $286 million
img Population: 563,626
img Land area: 97,100 sq. miles
img Capital: Cheyenne
img Counties: 23
img Highest Point : Gannett Peak 13,809 feet
img Lowest Point: Belle Fourche River 3099 feet
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Cheyenne, 55,731
  • Casper: 51,738
  • Laramie: 26,050
  • Gillette 22,685
  • Rock Springs: 18,772
  • Sheridan: 16,333
  • Green River: 11,787
  • Evanston: 11,459
  • Rivertom: 9,430
  • Cody: 9,100

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