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Located along the South Atlantic region of the United States, Virginia is home to over eight million people. Nicknamed ‘Old Dominion,’ Virginia is known as the birthplace of the nation and has plenty of history behind the state. Jamestown was founded in 1609 as the first English settlement in the United States and the first of the original 13 colonies. Two of the only wars ever held on U.S. soil, the Civil War and the American Revolutionary War, had deep roots firmly planted in the state. Virginia is also known as the ‘Mother of Presidents’ as eight different U.S. presidents were born in Virginia: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, William Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Woodrow Wilson.

Horses were the backbone of the first Virginia colonies and they still play a major part in the state. Virginia is the 12th most horse populated state in the country with about 240,000 horses. If that wasn’t impressive enough, Virginia is also ranked as the 7th most horse populated per square mile of land with a whopping six horses per square mile. It should be no surprise that horse farms and horse properties in Virginia are wildly popular because of all the scenic horse trails, elite horse competitions, and thrilling races. The cities of Charlottesville and Middleburg are even considered two of the best horse areas in the entire country.

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Fairfax County is the most populous locality in Virginia, with over one million residents. Neighboring Loudon County is both the fastest-growing county in Virginia and has the highest median household income ($114,204) in the USA as of 2010.  Virginia's economy is balanced, with diverse sources of income, including government and military, farming, and business. Virginia has 4.1 million civilian workers, and one-third of the jobs are in the Service Sector. The unemployment rate was 6.3% as of April 2011. Technology became the state's highest-grossing export in 2006, surpassing its traditional top exports of coal and tobacco combined.

Agriculture occupies 24% of the land in Virginia. As of 2007, about 357,000 Virginian jobs were in agriculture, with over 47,000 farms, averaging 171 acres (0.27 sq mi; 0.69 km2), in a total farmland area of 8.1 million acres (12,656 sq mi; 32,780 km2).

Providing horse power in the fields and transportation for goods and people, horses were the backbone of the first Virginia Colonies. Today, the role of horses has changed dramatically, yet horses are still a vital economic factor. Some 700 equine events are held in Virginia each year, attracting over 800,000 participants and spectators who spend more than $167 million at these events. The average Virginia horse owner spends $2,969 per horse yearly. Horse owners spend $505 million in annual expenses and support approximately 20,000 jobs statewide.

  Explore Virginia in Numbers:
img Horse Population: Over 170,000 horses
img Population: 8,001,024
img Land area: 39,594 sq. miles
img Capital: Richmond
img Counties: 95, plus 39 independent cities
img Highest Point : Mount Rogers 5,729 feet
img Lowest Point: Atlantic Ocean 
img Geographic Center : In Buckingham Co., 5 mi. SW of Buckingham
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Virginia Beach: 438,415
  • Norfolk: 231,954
  • Chesapeake: 218,968
  • Arlington: 195,965
  • Richmond: 193,777
  • Newport News: 179,899
  • Hampton: 145,579
  • Alexandria: 135,337
  • Portsmouth: 100,169
  • Roanoke: 92,631

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