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The state of Nebraska, home to approximately 1.9 million people, is located on the Great Plains of the Midwestern United States. Ironically enough, Nebraska is the 37th most populated state in the country, matching the fact that it was the 37th state to be admitted into the United States. Nebraska, referred to as the Cornhusker State, is known for its production of corn, its love of college football, and its status of being home to the world’s largest porch swing.

One of the most interesting features of Nebraska is how there’s a divide between the eastern half and the western half of the state. Each half of the state actually has its own major climate. While the eastern half of the state has a humid continental climate, the western half has a semi-arid climate. To add to the differences between each side, they both recognize separate time zones. The eastern half observes the Central Time Zone and the western half recognizes the Mountain Time Zone.

The Value of Horse Properties in Nebraska

Nebraska is home to 75,000 horses – a big number that’s largely accredited to the state’s culture as a leader in both ranching and farming. Nebraska features conditions that are very favorable to equestrian-related activities, even with the differing climate on each half of the state. Horse farms in Nebraska have started to increase even further in popularity over the years, which is pretty surprising when you consider that Nebraska was once known as ‘The Great American Desert!’

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  Nebraska in Numbers:
img Horse Population : Approximately 75,000
img Total Economic Impact: $ -- billion
img Capital : Lincoln
img Population : 1,758,787
img Land area : 78,872 sq. miles
img Counties: 93
img Highest Point : Panorama Point:  5,424 feet
img Lowest Point : Missouri River: 480 feet
img Geographic Center: Located in Mercer County
img 10 largest Cities:
  • Omaha: 414,521
  • Lincoln: 239,213
  • Bellevue: 47,334
  • Grand Island: 44,546
  • Kearney: 28,958
  • Hastings: 25,437
  • Fremont: 25,314
  • North Platte: 24,324
  • Norfolk: 23,946
  • Columbus: 20,909

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