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Hawaii is not only famous for its stunning beaches, lush landscapes, and vibrant culture. Beneath the sun and surf, exists a tight-knit equestrian community of horse farms, equestrian estates, and ranches that adds another layer of beauty and diversity to the islands. 

Hawaii's horse population includes over 5,600 horses with a small herd of wild horses on the island of Hawai’i.  Horses, in their multifaceted roles, contribute not only to the cultural richness of Hawaii but also play a vital part in diversifying and sustaining the state's economy. As of 2022, Hawaii’s GDP reached $75.3 billion with tourism contributing about a quarter of the GDP. 

Horses have a long and fascinating history in Hawaii. The first horses arrived on the islands in the late 18th century, brought by explorers and settlers. These animals soon became an integral part of Hawaiian culture and daily life, playing a significant role in agriculture, transportation, and leisure activities.

As the islands developed, horses adapted to the unique Hawaiian environment, leading to the creation of the Paniolo (Hawaiian cowboy) culture. The Paniolo traditions of cattle ranching, roping, and horsemanship remain alive in Hawaii today, giving the islands a distinctive Western flair that stands in contrast to its tropical surroundings.

Hawaii's horse population and community are a testament to the islands' diverse and vibrant culture. From the Paniolo traditions rooted in history to the active equestrian enthusiasts of today, horses play a crucial role in connecting Hawaiians to their past and the natural beauty of their home.

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  Hawaii in Numbers:
img Horse Population: Approximately 5,600
img Acres Used in Horse-Related Activities: 7,900 acres
img Population: 1,440,196
img Land area: 6,423 sq. miles
img Capital: Honolulu
img Counties: 5
img Highest Point : Mouna Kea: 13,796 feet
img Lowest Point : Pacific Coast: sea level
img 5 Largest Cities :
  • Urban Honolulu: 343,421
  • East Honolulu: 50,076
  • Hilo: 46,559
  • Pearl City: 45,941
  • Kailua: 40,402
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