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The state of South Dakota is located in the northern part of the Midwestern region of the United States. South Dakota got its name from the Lakota and Dakota Sioux Native American tribes that had dominated the territory. The name ‘Dakota’ actually means ‘allies.’ In modern times, what South Dakota is arguably most known for is Mount Rushmore, a 6,200-foot mountainside sculpture that pays homage to four of the most memorable presidents in the history of the United States: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.

South Dakota has a climate that’s continental; there’s four distinct seasons in the state. While the summers are generally hot and semi-humid, the winters can get very cold. Agriculture has historically been one of the biggest economic drivers in the state, though durable-goods manufacturing has currently developed into the state’s top economic provider. Another one of the largest sources of income for the state is through tourism.

Why Horse Properties in South Dakota Are Valuable

South Dakota features a horse population of over 120,000, which on its own is nothing to sneeze at. However, when you take into account that South Dakota has a population size of around 850,000, the state actually comes in as having the second highest amount of horses per person, trailing only Wyoming. With the state’s high percentage of horses and the beautiful, open landscapes, horse farms in South Dakota make for a terrific investment.

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  South Dakota in Numbers:
img Horse Population : Approximately 75,000
img Total Economic Impact: over $ -- billion
img Population : 775,933
img Land area : 75,885 sq. miles
img Capital : Pierre
img Counties: 66
img Highest Point : Harney Peak:  7,242 feet
img Lowest Point : Big Stone Lake: 962 feet
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Sioux Falls: 139,517
  • Rapid City: 62,167
  • Aberdeen: 24,098
  • Watertown: 20,265
  • Brookings: 18,715
  • Mitchell: 14,696
  • Pierre: 14,052
  • Yankton: 13,716
  • Huron: 11,086
  • Vermillion: 9,964

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