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South Carolina, the southeastern state along the Atlantic Coast, became the 8th state in the country, entering the Union on May 23, 1788. The state is home to about 4.9 million citizens, ranking it as the 23rd most populous state in the nation. South Carolina’s capital and largest city is Columbia.

The climate in South Carolina is a humid subtropical one. While summer temperatures are hot, humid, and uniform across South Carolina, winter temperatures differ throughout the state. The coastal areas of the state have very mild winters while other areas of the state can have temperatures that reach well below freezing. Snowfall is mostly uncommon in the state and it’s not rare for areas along the coast to record no snowfall in a year.

South Carolina’s modest horse population of about 95,000 belies the importance of the role horses play in the state. The Aiken area is especially well known for its thoroughbred pastures, being home to the Thoroughbred Racing Hall of Fame. Many top jockeys, trainers, and owners have originated from here, making horse properties and horse farms in South Carolina much more valuable than they appear at first glance. South Carolina is even one of the only ten states in the country with an official state horse – the Carolina Marsh Tacky.

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  South Carolina in Numbers :
img Horse Population : Approximately 94,773
img Total Economic Impact: over $ -- billion
img Population : 4,255,083
img Land area : 30,109 sq. miles
img Capital : Columbia
img Counties : 46
img Highest Point : Sassafras Mountain:  3,560 feet
img Lowest Point : Atlantic Coast – sea level
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Columbia: 117,088
  • Charleston: 106,712
  • North Charleston: 86,313
  • Rock Hill: 59,554
  • Mount Pleasant: 57,932
  • Greenville: 56,676
  • Sumter: 39,679
  • Spartanburg: 38,379
  • Summerville: 37,714
  • Hilton Head Island: 34,497


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