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Rhode Island, home to just over one million people, is the smallest state in the country with only 1,045 square miles of land. Located in the northeastern part of the United States known as New England, Rhode Island has a rich history. It was one of the original 13 colonies, albeit the last to become a state. The founder of Rhode Island, Roger Williams, actually developed the first practical working model of democracy and was acknowledged by Thomas Jefferson and John Adams as the originator of the concepts found in the First Amendment.

While Rhode Island is the state with the fewest amount of horses, much of that is attributed to the state’s tiny size. Rhode Island is home to approximately 3,500 horses, but judging it on the basis of horses per square mile, the state stands firmly in the middle of the pack. Rhode Island has historically been one of the most important areas for horses in the country. Back in the 1600s, Rhode Island was the only colony that allowed horse racing; a one-mile track was kept at Sandy Neck Beach in South Kingstown. With the state’s small size, horse farms and horse properties in Rhode Island are a rare, but very valuable, commodity.

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  Rhode Island in Numbers:
img Horse Population : Approximately 7000
img Total Economic Impact: over $ -- billion
img Population : 1,076,189
img Land area : 1,045 sq. miles
img Capital : Providence
img Counties: 5
img Highest Point : Jerimoth Hill: 812 feet
img Lowest Poin : Atlantic Coast – sea level
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Providence: 176,862
  • Warwick: 87,233
  • Cranston: 81,614
  • Pawtucket: 73,742
  • East Providence: 49,515
  • Woonsocket: 44,328
  • Newport: 25,340
  • Central Falls: 19,159

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