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With a population of about 12.8 million residents, Pennsylvania is the 6th most populous state in the entire nation. Despite only being the 33rd largest state in the country when it comes to size, Pennsylvania is as varied of a state as it gets. Each end of the state houses a major city. On the east side of the state is Philadelphia, the 5th most populous city in the country. The west side of Pennsylvania is home to Pittsburgh, another highly populated area and a city most known for its steel industry. Between those two large, bustling cities lies the expansive lands in central Pennsylvania, a less populated area that’s more known for its farming and rural areas.

When it comes to horse properties and horse farms in Pennsylvania, the state has remained a powerhouse throughout the years. With a horse population of over 255,000, Pennsylvania ranks in at having the 9th most horses in the country and it also has the 8th most horses per square mile of land. The horse industry in the state is still thriving with the total value of the state’s horses having more than doubled since 1990; that value now sits at $1.3 billion. The state’s total investment in horses, land, buildings, and other industry assets is at a massive $9.5 billion, making it one of the leaders in the country.

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  Pennsylvania in Numbers:
img Horse Population : Approximately 170,000
img Total Economic Impact: over $ -- billion
img Population : 12,429,616
img Land area : 44,817 sq. miles
img Capital : Harrisburg
img Counties: 67
img Highest Point : Mt. Davis: 3,213 feet
img Lowest Point : Delaware River: 0 feet
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Philadelphia: 1,463,281
  • Pittsburgh: 316,718
  • Allentown: 106,992
  • Erie: 102,612
  • Reading: 80,855
  • Scranton: 73,120
  • Bethlehem: 72,895
  • Lancaster: 54,757
  • Harrisburg: 47,472
  • Altoona: 47,176

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