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Located in the Pacific Northwest and bordering the Pacific Ocean, Oregon is currently home to about four million people. The capital is Salem, though the largest city is Portland with approximately 530,000 residents – over three times more than Salem. The state flag of Oregon actually has a beaver on the back of it, making it the only state to have a flag that has two designs.

While Oregon is known for its rainy climate and its tall, dense forests, it may be somewhat of a surprise to know that it also gets 300 days of sunshine per year. It’s also said to have more diverse landscapes than any other state in the country: from the tops of its snowy mountain peaks down to Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States. From volcanoes to deserts, Oregon really does have it all when it comes to landscapes. It even features the world’s largest sea cave, the Sea Lion Caves.

The horse population in Oregon is about 168,000, making it one of the most heavily horse-populated states in the western part of the country. Oregon has a temperate climate and flat terrain. This, along with the beautiful scenery, makes it perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities or those who have horse properties in Oregon.

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  Oregon in Numbers:
img Horse Population: 168,000 horses
img Capital: Salem
img Population: 3,641,056
img Land area: 95,997 sq mi. (248,632 sq km)
img Counties: 36
img State Parks: 231
img Highest Point: Mt. Hood with 11,235 ft (3,424 m)
img Lowest Point: Pacific Ocean
img Geographic Center: In Crook Co., 25 mi. SSE of Prineville
img 10 largest Cities:
  • Portland: 533,427
  • Salem: 148,751
  • Eugene: 144,515
  • Gresham: 96,072
  • Beaverton: 85,775
  • Hillsboro: 84,533
  • Medford: 70,147
  • Bend: 67,152
  • Springfield: 55,641
  • Corvallis: 49,553

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