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New Hampshire


The state of New Hampshire is located in the New England Region of the United States. New Hampshire is a small state that has a similarly small population of only 1.3 million people. It’s ranked at 44th in land area and 42nd in population amongst the 50 states. Even though New Hampshire is a relatively tiny state, it’s known for being the ‘first’ in several different areas. New Hampshire was the first state to declare independence from England and it’s also the state that holds the first primary in the United States presidential election every four years.

New Hampshire (in addition to the rest of the New England states) is commonly associated with colder weather and harsh winters. Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States, has recorded some of the coldest temperatures in the entire continental United States. Despite these freezing temperatures, New Hampshire also features a very changing climate. It has wide variations in daily and seasonal temperatures with four vastly different seasons.

Horses in New Hampshire

While New Hampshire only has a horse population of 24,000, that low number is mostly attributed to the smaller population and size of the state. New Hampshire may have fewer horses than most other states in the country, but that disguises the fact that it’s currently a rapidly growing state for equestrian activities. If you’re interested in horse properties or horse farms in New Hampshire, this is the perfect time to start looking.

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  New Hampshire in Numbers:
img Horse Population : Approximately 24,000
img Total Economic Impact: $ -- billion
img Capital : Concord
img Population : 1,309,940
img Land area : 8,968 sq. miles
img Counties: 10
img Highest Point : Mt Washington:  6,288 feet
img Lowest Point : Atlantic Coast: sea level
img 10 largest Cities:
  • Manchester: 109,691
  • Nashua: 87,321
  • Concord: 42,336
  • Rochester: 30,004
  • Dover: 28,486
  • Keene: 22,778
  • Portsmouth: 20,674
  • Laconia: 17,060
  • Claremont: 13: 388
  • Lebanon: 12,606

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