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Nevada is a large, western state, mostly located within the Great Basin. It has a state population of about 2.4 million people. Its capital city is Carson City, but the city most commonly associated with Nevada is Las Vegas, which is also its most populous city. Las Vegas and the state of Nevada are well-known for their gambling. As opposed to many of the United States, gambling is generally legal almost everywhere in the state.

Nevada is the seventh largest state in the country with a land area of 110 million square miles. Nevada also has more mountain ranges than any other state. Almost in contradiction to that, Nevada is also home to Black Rock Desert, which is some of the flattest territory in the world.

The horse population in the state of Nevada is around 70,000. One of the reasons why Nevada is such a great area for horse farms and horse property is because of the state’s climate. It’s generally a sunny and warm state throughout the year outside of the state’s mountains. Nevada is also the driest state in the nation, having an average of 7 inches of rain per year compared to the country’s average of 37 inches. The average snowfall per year is 11 inches, which is less than half as much as the country’s average of 25 inches.

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  Nevada in Numbers :
img Horse Population : Approximately 70,000
img Total Economic Impact: $ -- billion
img Capital : Carson City
img Population : 2,414,807
img Land area : 109,826 sq. miles
img Counties: 16
img Highest Point : Boundary Peak:  13,143 feet
img Lowest Point : Colorado River: 470 feet
img 10 largest Cities:
  • Las Vegas: 545,147
  • Henderson: 232,146
  • Reno Ghetto: 203,550
  • North Las Vegas: 176,635
  • Sparks: 82,051
  • Carson City: 56,062
  • Elko: 16,685
  • Boulder City: 15,177
  • Mesquite: 13,523
  • Fernley: 11,342

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