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The state of Delaware is located in the northeastern part of the Delmarva Peninsula. The state is 96 miles long and it ranges from nine to 35 miles across, leading to a total square mileage of only 1,954, making it the second smallest state in the country. While Delaware leads only Rhode Island in land mass and it ranks as 45th in terms of total population, the state is actually 6th in population density. This small state consists of just three counties, with 60 percent of the population residing in New Castle County.

You could also say that Delaware is actually the most historical state in the entire nation. While Delaware was one of the 13 colonies that participated in the American Revolution, it was the first one that ratified the United States constitution. On December 7, 1787, Delaware essentially became known as ‘The First State.’

Delaware’s Horse Population

Delaware is home to about 11,000 horses, placing it ahead of only Rhode Island and Hawaii when it comes to horse population. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that horse properties in Delaware aren’t a very valuable commodity though; Delaware is actually one of the most densely populated areas for horses. Delaware has approximately 5.7 horses per square mile, which is tied for the 8th most in the country.


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img Horse Population: Over 10,000 horses
img Population: 843,524
img Land area: 1,954 sq. miles
img Capital: Dover
img Counties: 3
img Highest Point: At Ebright Azimuth: 450 feet
img Lowest Point: Atlantic Coast
img Geographic Center :In Kent Co., 11 miles S of Dover
img 10 largest Cities :
  • Wilmington: 72,786
  • Dover: 34,288
  • Newark: 30,060
  • Middletown: 9,121
  • Smyrna: 7,413
  • Milford: 7,201
  • Seaford 6,997
  • Elsmere: 5,722
  • Georgetown: 4,911
  • New Castle: 4,836

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