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img There are always horse properties for sale in California. When over 700,000 horses call California their home state, it is no surprise. As an economic power, California's Gross Domestic Product is larger than any other state and all but seven countries in the world. The horse industry contributes approximately $7 billion to this dynamic economy, with racing being the largest sector ($2.5 billion). More than 300,000 Californians are involved in the industry as horse owners, service providers, employees, and volunteers. Even more participate as spectators. Horses in California are responsible for over 54,000 jobs.  Spending by suppliers and employees generates additional jobs for over 130,000 people.

Incredible natural diversity, tempting Mediterranean climates and the glitter of Hollywood are a few of reasons California is the most populous state in the nation.

Fortunately this western state has a long history of conservation and thirty five percent of the land is still covered by forests; more than any other state beside Alaska . Beautiful sandy beaches, rugged mountains, scenic deserts and Redwood tracts are just a few of the landscapes to be explored and enjoyed.


The entire span of California is represented by its three largest cities which include Los Angeles (also the second largest city in the country), San Diego and San Jose.

Outside of the densely populated coastal areas much of California is rural and there are strong ties to the land. Modern cowboys work farms and cattle ranches in these parts, where rodeo and other equestrian events are very popular. 



  California in Numbers:
img Horse Population: 700,000 horses   Including: 152,000 Thoroughbreds 184,000 Quarter Horses
img Total Economic Impact: $ 7 billion
img Population: 35,484, 000
img Land area: 155,959 sq. miles
img Capital: Sacramento
img Counties: 58
img Highest Point: Mt. Whitney at 14,494 feet, in the county of Inyo-Tulare
img Lowest Point: Death Valley at -282 feet, located in the county of Inyo

Geographic Center : Located in Madera County


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