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Horse Farms in Australia

Horses have played a key role in shaping the culture and society of Australia. The first horses in Australia were brought by English settlers in 1788 and were essential in developing the continent’s mining, farming, and timber-getting industries. While horses may not provide the same integral functions as they did over 200 years ago, Australia still has just about the perfect conditions for modern horse owners. The geography of Australia is the flattest and lowest continental landmass on Earth. While the climate varies due to the continent’s large size, it’s still mostly warm throughout the year; even the winters are rarely too cold. If you’re looking for horse properties, you’ll find there’s no better time – and possibly no better place either.

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Our real estate agents have an unmatched knowledge and experience when it comes to horse properties. In addition, they have the local perspective of horse farms in Australia. We also offer one of the most comprehensive collections of horse property listings out there. When you look through our listings of horse properties in Australia, you can expect to find:

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