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It is easy to find the right horse ranch, horse property, horse farm or equestrian estate in Alabama. Friendly Southern hospitality, sprawling forests and large modern cities fill Alabama with a wide variety of activities, attractions and communities to explore. From the serenity of the lakes and wildernesses of the state's northern regions to the more populated expanses of the southern areas, Alabama's wonderful character holds plenty to appeal to ever horse rider.

The Alabama horse industry directly and inderectly produces goods and services valued exceeding $573 million.

The equine industry has a little over 2 billion-dollar impact on the Alabama economy when the multiplier effect of spending by owners, industry suppliers, and employees is taken into account. Accounting for off-site spending of event participants and spectators would result in an even higher figure.

Over 44,000 Alabama households are involved in the industry as horse owners, service providers, employees and volunteers. Nearly every county has a show facility, a local horse association, and equine events, shows, or competitions.


Birmingham is the home of one racetrack that features thoroughbred and quarter horse racing. 

Alabama's agricultural sector generates about 20% of the State's total gross product. About 15% of this is horse-related.

The horse industry supports many recreational and agricultural services and was estimated to contribute to almost 24,000 jobs in the Alabama economy.

There are nearly 155,000 horses in Alabama, over 98 percent of which are involved in activities other than racing.

img Horse Population:  155,000 horses
img Total Economic Impact: $ 573 million
img Population: 4,903,185
img Land area: 50,744 sq. miles
img Capital: Montgomery
img Counties: 67
img Highest Point: Cheaha Mountain: 2,407 feet
img Lowest Point: Golf of Mexico
img Geographic Center: In Chilton Co.

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