Do I Need to Insure My Horses and Horse Equipment?

It’s common to wonder whether horse insurance is worth the investment, particularly because at Horse Properties we know that owners already take outstanding care of their animals. Even with the best equipment, facilities and care practices, insurance for the equine members of your family is extremely important. From barn damage to injuries, the right horse insurance plan can cover just about everything, providing invaluable peace of mind.

How Horse Insurance Works 

From insuring my horse to insuring my horse stables, owners often have many questions and concerns when it comes to equine insurance. In fact, one of the first questions they typically ask is how much it will cost. While the figure varies depending on a wide variety of factors including age, breed, and value, the reality is this: In the same way you insure your home, car, and human family members, you should protect your horses and their stables as well.

What It Covers

 Equine insurance provides many distinct subtleties beneficial to horses and owners alike that regular home insurance doesn’t cover. For example, typical insurance rarely extends to horse property like barns and stables. Insurance for horses covers these structures as well as many different scenarios, including:

  • Barn damage
  • Stable damage
  • Land damage
  • Damage to the horse or trailer during transportation
  • Medical emergencies
  • Loss of use
  • Veterinary costs
  • Injury
  • Death, via specialized life insurance for horses.

Why Equine Insurance Matters

To most owners, equine counterparts are just as much a part of the family as their own children. It simply doesn’t make sense to leave them unprotected in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Insurance can help owners accommodate unexpected distress that might otherwise cause the horse to suffer or even die prematurely.

Protect Your Equine Family Members

 As real members of the family, owners do everything they can to keep their horses feeling happy, healthy, safe, and loved. That’s a game plan that should absolutely include the peace of mind that comes with equine and stable insurance, for owners and horses alike.

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