Summer Survival Tips for Horse Lovers

As the weather outside heats up and many head outside for entertainment, horse lovers should always be aware of the health of their animals. It’s important to remember that as you hit the pool to cool off, your horse may be sitting in the hot sun, uncomfortable and dehydrated. Your horse may need a little bit of extra love and attention during the summer months to keep him or her happy. Summer horse care is simple with the following tips.

Keeping a Horse Comfortable During Hot Weather

Here at Horse Properties, we take pride in educating animal lovers about the best tips for caring for your horse during the summer.

  • Before confining your horse to the indoors to escape flies, try using a flysheet to see if he is able to cope with flies. Horses much prefer to be outside exploring than stuck inside if at all possible.
  • Always clean your horse’s eyes with a damp sponge to remove any discharge. If necessary, use a fly mask on your horse, although masks should only be used during the day and removed at night.
  • If your horse property does not have adequate shade, provide your horse with a run-in shed to allow him to escape the sun when it gets too hot.
  • Keep a salt block in your horse’s field to encourage hydration through the day.
  • If your horse isn’t drinking enough water throughout the day, purchase electrolytes at the feed store to add to his food.
  • Protect any white spots on your horse with human sunscreen.
  • Shower your horse off several times each week to remove sweat and dirt.
  • Keep your horse’s mane long during the summer to allow him to protect himself from flies.
  • Always deworm your horse during the summer month. Clean up manure piles to avoid flies and worms.
  • Trim hooves more often during the dry summer months to avoid painful splitting.

Pay close attention to your horse and his needs during the summer months to determine if any additional problems come up.

Show Some Summer Love

Fly protection, hoof protection, hygiene, hydration and sun protection are all important aspects of caring for your horse during the summer, but don’t forget to show him or her love, too. A happy horse is one of the best companions any human can have. So make sure to go the extra mile for your horse if you live in a hot summer climate.


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