Horse training should be approached methodically and calmly in order to teach your horse how to trust you. With our basic tips on how to train a horse, you’ll be able to begin building a meaningful relationship with your horse that will be rooted in trust and respect.

Horses are incredibly intelligent, but may be difficult to train because they are considered prey for other animals in nature. This gives them a strong fight or flight instinct and makes it easy for them to get distracted or spooked during training. The most effective types of basic horse training techniques are:

  • Positive & Negative Reinforcement – Rewards for good behavior, correction for bad behavior, never punishment or strong discipline, which will engage the flight or fight response
  • Desensitizing the Horse – Overcoming fears with gradual introduction
  • Common Routines – Frequent repetition to create habits in your horse

In order to overcome your horse’s fears and train them, it’s important to build trust and loyalty.

Best Ways to Train a Horse

The following tips are essential to successful horse training. Most trainers use several techniques for maximum success.

  • Teach your horse not to be afraid of humans. Bring people around your horse and teach the horse to tolerate touching of its head, nose, legs and mane, as these are areas that are important for riding training and socializing the horse with friendly affection.
  • Encourage obedience and trust when you teach your horse to see you as the leader. Show the horse you have its best interest in mind by being encouraging and safe.
  • Begin horse training early in order to build a positive relationship as soon as possible. The sooner you can start working with the horse, the better.
  • Always create a training plan and know your own limitations before you begin. Same as a schoolteacher, having lesson plans and a schedule will help you stay on track and identify weaknesses in your system.

It may take a while for your horse to feel comfortable with you, but gradual desensitization and hard work will lead to loyalty and trust over time. Introduce your horse to new things in the following order:

  • Basic touching
  • Face handling
  • Walking next to you
  • Stopping
  • Backing up
  • Longeing your horse
  • Changing of directions
  • Lead rope
  • Saddle

A Worthy Reward

After your hard work and dedication, your horse rewards you with love, affection and loyalty for life. Here at Horse Properties, we are committed to helping horse lovers find the property of their dreams to fulfill their passion and love for horses. Part of that lifetime of happiness comes from having happy horses.


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