If you have found the horse property of your dreams, then the first thing to say here is: congratulations. The search for that perfect property is a long and hard one, and by this point you will have talked to the experts about its suitability for your animals, and will have probably spent a few sleepless nights thinking about whether this is indeed the right decision.However, while saying “yes!” and agreeing on a price is arguably the biggest step, you are not there yet. While mortgage approval in general is booming, the process of arranging a mortgage for a property such as this is hardly a walk in the park, but with the right preparation and some expert advice, you should be able to get through it without breaking a sweat. Let’s walk you through it.

Do They Have Experience In This Area?

Mortgages come in as many different shapes and sizes as properties do, and while you may have enjoyed a happy, productive working relationship with your mortgage broker in the past, you should be prepared for the fact that a mortgage of this size may be a little out of their comfort zone. While it might not be quite necessary to find a broker with specific experience of equestrian properties, you should make sure that they have demonstrable experience of working on high value property mortgages.

Can They Get You The Best Rates?

Now, if you ask a mortgage broker “can you get me the best interest rate on my mortgage?” then they are absolutely going to reply “yes, of course we can,” so this is where a little legwork and research will come in handy. Once again, look for a broker with a lot of experience in this field with a wide pool of international lenders with whom they have an excellent relationship. Expertise is always paramount when it comes to securing the most favourable terms, especially when you are working with figures this high. For those looking at a million pound mortgage, Ennes Global has experience of working in every part of the market and they have a formidable network of over 500 international lenders.

Can They Work To Suit Your Needs?

As we mentioned, no two mortgages are entirely the same and it is important that you find a broker who understands that, when they are taking you on as a client, that they are not just pulling another file out of the drawer. Property prices are going up and up, and working with numbers this high means that you should expect the very best service when it comes to advice, expertise and individual calculations. This isn’t just another new build box house on the outskirts of London, after all, this is an equestrian property and there are so many different factors and variables that you will need to be keeping an eye on yourself. Can you trust your mortgage broker to take the wheel while you juggle the thousand other balls? Finding the right broker will make everything else go a lot more smoothly.

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