According to some stats, one in every ten horses develops laminitis signs every year. This may look as common as colic but ends up in something major, when left untreated for a long time.

But researchers say that if the horse owner pays detailed attention to the horse’s changing behavior, there are chances of saving the horse from foot disease. Later, common foot disease can end up in painful laminitis.

Laminitis has been a major cause of concern in the world of horses. It is often diagnosed later, making it worse for the fierce animal to survive with its pain. It ends up in the destruction of connective tissue inside the foot and results in pain. If not treated at the right stage, the combined muscle forces can pull out the coffin bone and separate it from the hoof wall. This condition narrows the chances of survival and recovery.

Ways to keep laminitis at a distance:


  1. No more starch and sugar – Veterinarians can tell you how harmful starch and sugar can be for your horse. Before it can ruin the horse’s health, it is important that you minimize or almost eliminate the sugary items in your diet. It won’t just lead your pet to the worst phase of laminitis but would trigger the metabolic system as well. Although there are enough treatments like horse laminitis CBD capsules or oil, the first priority should be to neglect any chances of developing laminitis.
  2. Avoid black walnuts – Try not to feed your black horse walnuts, especially when it’s the horse’s sleeping time. Go for bedding products made for horses as they do not come with black walnut shavings.
  3. Hoof trims – Keep a check on the hoof trims effectively to keep everything balanced. This is one of the best ways to avoid laminitis in horses. Low-heel configuration develops the constant downward pull making it difficult for the horse to move. Therefore, keep it maintained well by the veterinarian to avoid any unfavorable conditions.
  4. Don’t go for hard footing areas – Hard footing zone can be a big trouble for your horse, especially when you see a usual sign of laminitis in horses. A random breakdown within the hoof can be massive trouble after prolonged work. If you encounter a pavement or rocky flooring ahead, make sure to calm your horse and start walking.

Quick wrap up:

Taking care of your power animal should be your firm responsibility. Sometimes, minor physical issues end up in massive problems making it difficult for the horse to survive. Here, it becomes important to take the horse to a veterinarian.

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