Not every property you find is a ready-to-move-in horse property. Sometimes you get wide open, fenced in spaces with a nice house, and not much else. Sometimes you may get a dilapidated barn that requires some work in order to become your dream horse farm. Whatever situation you are looking at right now, here are some construction hacks to make building your horse stable from scratch as easy as dropping “horse apples.”

Construction Estimating Software

Construction estimating softwares like the CostCertified is a software you can use to figure out how much it will cost you to build a horse stable from the ground up. Plug in the dimensions of your dream barn, including the type of flooring you expect to use as the base and the height of the loft over the stalls.

There are additional spots to plug in materials and prices of materials, from oak or cedar paneling right on down to a box of screws. Having this tool at your fingertips helps you understand the costs of materials versus the cost of labor and how some contractors charge too much for the job at hand.

Choosing Modular Builds Over Constructing Every Frame and Wall Yourself

A horse estate such as the grand one you have planned may be more than one person can handle. Even if you have several people who have volunteered for a good old-fashioned “barn raising”, it’s still a lot of work that could go on for days. One hack that can help cut back on the labor and time to finish this project is modular construction.

There are companies that can and will create modular components for both basic and advanced horse stable construction. You tell them how big, and they build the walls and roof in a sort of divided plan. They deliver the sections to you, you have the sections placed on the foundation of the barn, and then you spend several hours securing the modular sections together.

It is much faster, although modular construction may cost you more. If you have already used the construction estimating software to see what it would cost you to build from the ground up on your own, the modular estimate will show how much more or less it will cost. You also have to wait for the manufacturer to build the barn sections, which takes a lot of time that you could be utilizing to construct the stable yourself.

Building Single Stall Barns

People who want to put distance between certain horses in their barns often opt to build single-horse structures. You could literally do this for every horse in your herd, if you wanted to. The individual, single-stall barns can be erected very quickly, and you have the added benefit of spending within your budget.

Build as many as you can currently afford to build, and then build more as you obtain more funds. They are kind of cute, too, dotting your fields and landscape. If you like, place single-stall barns close to each other to make feeding, watering, and muck-raking more convenient

Get Creative

Get creative with building structures to house your horses. There are a lot of plans and options available. It doesn’t all have to be out of your own head, either.

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