Do you own an equestrian estate or horse farm where you love to spend time with your horses? Your horses are probably a source of pride and joy for you, particularly if you intend to show them. Your horses must be well-trained and in good condition to perform properly. Keeping your horses happy is ideal for showing love and care for them. 

Horses are surprisingly friendly and lively creatures who often become bored or lonely. Despite their inability to communicate verbally, horses can successfully transmit their feelings to indicate what they are experiencing. If horses are denied access to turnout and adequate exercise, they become frustrated and exhibit coping behaviors.

Each one of us wants our horses to be healthy and happy. Happy horses learn rapidly and connect well with humans. Plus, when we take good care of our equine companions, we feel gratified and fall in love with this beautiful experience. 

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With that in mind, we thought to share some of the very best and most effective ways to keep your horses happy and healthy.

Adequate Roughage:

Food straightaway comes to mind when we think of maintaining healthy lifestyles. The same is true in your horse’s case. It is a basic requirement for food in the form of grass or hay. Keeping roughage moving through the belly is vital for the horse’s contentment and gut health. As it takes horses two days to absorb what they eat, the grass they ate yesterday is still in their system today.

Fresh Water:

Horses need plenty of water, as water plays a vital role in maintaining gut health. That hay or silage begins to condense if there isn’t enough water, and then problems such as colic ensue. Ensure that your horse has fresh water and high-quality hay.

Give them a Satisfying Routine:

Horses not only enjoy routine but also thrive on it. Horses feel safe and comfortable when they have a consistent routine. One of the best ways to keep your horse happy is to make a routine for it. Habitual practices help horses prosper, and they will help your horse have a happier and healthier life. Routines in a horse’s life often translate to a consistent feed schedule, turnout times, and exercise patterns. 

Horses Need a Day Off:

Horses, like humans, require a day or two off each week to relax and recover. Your horse should enjoy at least one day of pure relaxation per week, just like humans do. Now, providing it the time to relax its muscles and avoid injury or illness keeps it satisfied and healthy. Prioritizing rest chances for your horse is just as essential as providing it with enough activity. All aside, giving it enough rest will make it extremely happy.

Prevent Parasites and Do Not Overuse Deworming Medicine:

Parasites are a common health issue in horses, and some horse owners combat it by administering preventative deworming regularly. Parasites are to blame for a wide range of health issues in horses, including respiratory diseases, liver damage, and even permanent paralysis. On the other hand, some horse farmers go overboard with the deworming treatments, which is why their horse develops parasites that are resistant to medication. Instead, spend more time on dry horse property and semi-dry lots with your horse. This keeps the horses from grazing and ground feeding, leading to parasites. Also, it’s also important to contact your vet and administer a fecal test to verify which parasites should be treated.

Introducing Some Toys:

Horses are often bored, so it’s necessary to provide a stimulus to keep their minds and bodies engaged throughout the week. Providing toys for your horse might help them enjoy their time spent in a stall. Horses can play with various toys to improve their coordination, focus, and curiosity. Everything from enormous inflated balls to noisy toys is available for purchase.

Horses are Social Animals:

Horses are naturally herd animals, and they like interacting with others. If your horse is kept alone and has no contact with other horses, it can quickly become unhappy and unwell. Horses can walk off weight by pacing up and down the fence line, searching, looking, or listening for another horse, aside from the psychological repercussions of loneliness and despair.

Horses appreciate being with other horses. So make them happy by changing up the landscape on walks or the company they are with frequently.

Running a horse farm comes with a lot of responsibilities. Your horse’s health should always be your main priority. We hope you found the above tips helpful, and we guarantee you will notice a difference in your horse’s health, behavior, and attitude if you give them a try. Maintaining your horse’s happiness can be immensely rewarding because you know you are assisting it in living a good life.

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