With the weather getting warmer, horse owners and equestrians alike, are gearing up for the 2022 season. For some, this might mean buying new tack or clipping your horse’s winter coat. For others, it could mean improving their horse properties for better equestrian living and guest accommodations. If you’re a horse owner looking for a unique project this summer, keep reading for some tips on how to get started!

Choose Your Project

There’s no limit to creativity when designing or expanding your property, so long as the well-being of your string is made the first priority. Installs to consider include, but aren’t limited to:

Enrichment Space

Just as people need stimulation to grow and develop, horses need the space and tools to remain active, energetic, and healthy. Consider designating a portion of your property for room to roam and install toys on a rotating basis for them to play with. Adding a small pond or water obstacle to this space can also encourage play and act as a great cooling spot against the summer heat.

Visitor Entertainment & Viewing Area

Whether you own a small family farm or are working a major ranch operation, chances are your horses act as a focal point to your property. Installing a balcony overlooking your land or even an outdoor bar–saloon-themed if you’re really looking to fit the bill–can be great additions for entertaining guests and loved ones without dealing with the muck that can come with a horse stall. This can also be a great way to safely introduce noise, groups of people, and general commotion to horses who are skittish.

Feed Station

It’s likely you already have one of these on your property, whether in a communal pen or just within your horses’ individual stalls. As feed stations develop to become more enriching for horses, more convenient for their caretakers, and more aesthetic for businesses, it’s important to reevaluate what might work best for your herd. Perhaps it’s time to install new hay netting or add a fun tire feeder to spruce up the space.

All-Weather Stalls

With weather patterns becoming less predictable, your outdoor stalls or general climate control procedures might not be ideal anymore. If you’re looking for a fresh look or a more adaptable space, consider creating covered stalls outdoors or remodeling your indoor stable. This can be a proactive measure for any unexpected cold weather and even make next years’ barn winterization processes easier.

Hybrid Tack Room

Whether you’re looking for better storage, easier clean up, or just a dependable personal space after working around the farm, a hybrid tack room is an excellent option. With similar organizational capabilities to a regular tack room, you can add a mudroom for boots and wet clothing or even a changing room/lounge area to prevent dirt from getting into your main home. If you’re looking to go the extra mile, consider installing a shower or laundry facility in your tack room for easiest cleanup.

Determine How to Afford the Upgrade

 Every major project requires a reliable budget. Before you begin your updates, you’ll need to determine how the work will be done. Do you have the time and talent for a DIY? Do you need a designer or contractor? After you answer these questions and receive the appropriate quotes, you’ll want to create a multi-tier budget that covers the design, build & materials, furnishings & add-ons, and any unexpected costs of your project.

Investing in your horse property can take years to save for, but be an immensely rewarding process. Just like you might invest in your retirement, saving up to increase the value of your home and land can generate long-term benefits that would ultimately outweigh their costs. If you know that you’d like to move away someday, you’ll be able to ask more for the property than it was originally worth, especially since selling a horse farm is a more niche endeavor than simply selling a house would be. If you’d like to pass your farm on to your family someday, your improvements now can save renovation hassles and safety concerns from becoming a burden in the future. If you’re looking for faster access to funding for your projects, consider looking into how home equity loans work. This lump sum is tax-deductible when taken out for home improvements and provides a faster alternative for solidifying your budget and accounting for any unexpected expenses.

Embrace the Trial and Error

It’s important to build personal, sociable relationships with your horses to ensure their trust, comfort, and overall well-being. Each creature has different needs and stimuli, so enrichment tools, feeding environments, and stable setup might require some reorganizing and customization on your part. Stay patient with this process and remember that sticking to the basics is never a bad option. Remember that open space and rotating pastures, when properly maintained, can be some of the best things for your herd.


Now’s the perfect time to get started on your property plans to make the most of your summer on the farm. Clean-pressed for riding competitions or muck-covered for grooming day, you, your herd, and your guests will get to make the most of your land.

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