Let’s face it – sooner or later, we all get somewhat tired of the hustle and bustle of a big city. Don’t you wish you could just pull back from all of that, at least for a bit? Really, if you can afford it – a retreat into the countryside is the best call to make, especially for an equestrian. Of course, even when it comes to rural living, tastes and needs can differ wildly – not everyone wants to live on a farm in some flatlands. But what if we told you that you could have a luxury log home & horse property, all in one? All you have to do is follow our nifty buying guide!

Familiarize yourself with the land

When you’re looking for a luxury log home & horse property, let’s be realistic – you’re searching for a very specific kind of real estate. Of course, you can still find plenty of these, but when you go to check them out, you’ll have to be more methodical in your inspection than with an ordinary home. After all, there are a lot of requirements this place will need to fulfill, plus, it’ll probably be an expensive investment you’re making. So, where do you start?

Well, when you’re buying a horse property, getting the lay of the land is the first thing you do. First of all, know that dry footing is imperative for horsesm, so finding a property with solid drainage is important. Also, you want to avoid rocky soils, in favor of those that can be used for pasture. And when you’re looking at your log home, make sure you’re certain of your layout preferences, and the amount of space you need. Remember, this isn’t a conventional home with drywall; doing a major remodel of a luxury log home is far more expensive. So, with interior log walls being very solid and expensive to modify, get some remodeling estimates before the purchase.

There’s a lot you’ll have to learn

A herd of horses running through a pond on a horse property

Taking care of an equine herd is wonderful but there’s also a lot to learn

As we’ve already mentioned, buying a luxury log home & horse property is really a great idea. You’re setting yourself up for a very comfortable life, and keeping horses is a wonderful hobby. But if you don’t have a lot of experience with this kind of life, there’s a lot you’ll have to learn. First of all, do you know anything about horse keeping? If not, you can always learn, but make sure you don’t go into this without the proper knowledge. Trust us – taking care of your horse won’t be easy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

But with a property as specific as a log home with horse amenities, you also have to think about other things. For one, you’ll definitely need to familiarize yourself with the local regulations and rules in your new municipality. What are we talking about? Well, there could be some environmental regulations you need to know about, or something related to land conservation. Also, seeing as you’ll be keeping horses around, check out the rules on the number of animal units you’re allowed to keep on your property. Believe us, learning about all of this beforehand is the best thing you can do.


Location is everything

When you’re searching for any sort of property, what’s the first mental filter you pull potential listings through? That’s right – the location. Let’s face it, even if you’re buying an apartment in the city, location is everything. And when you’re about to purchase a luxury log home & horse property, it becomes even more essential. Remember – log homes tend to be pretty remote. And sure, long distance professional movers can help you with your move, but the logistics aren’t all we’re talking about.

So, if you’re not retired, make sure you’re not too distant from your workplace, and you have all the amenities you need around. Also, remember – individual buildings like the barn or even the house can be changed and remodeled, but once you pick a location, that’s that, and there’s no going back. If you’re an avid horse rider, that will play a big role in choosing your location as well. Obviously, if you don’t plan on building your own tracks, being close to trails that are horse-friendly is quite crucial. Speaking of which, although log homes are generally far away from busy roads, keep that in mind – you don’t want any of your loose horses harming themselves in traffic.


Think of your finances before buying a luxury log home & horse property

Sure, looking for your dream home is always a pleasant thing to do, but while you do it, it’s very important to stay realistic. And we’re not just talking about methodically checking out every property to see if it fits you. Although that’s an important aspect of buying a luxury log home & horse property, you’ll also have to think about your finances. First of all, as you’ve probably gathered by now – this is by no means a cheap purchase you’ll be making. This sort of properties is usually quite expensive; so, make sure your personal finances can handle that sort of hit.

Also, it’s not just about the price of the property itself. After you buy it, remember – you’ll have to maintain the horse property and the log house. And remember how expensive remodeling a log home is? Yes, any repairs you have to make will put an equal dent in your savings account. On the other hand, maintaining even one horse can be a financial strain, let alone multiple horses. So, before making this kind of investment, make sure you think long and hard!

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