Are you dreaming about a perfectly maintained horse stable with a white fence and trees in your beautiful backyard? If your answer is yes, to make your dreams come true, you have to be very smart and patient when you are buying the right horse property. Purchasing a horse property can be very fun, but at the same time, it is a hard task. When you start browsing the market, there are a lot of factors to consider. You need to find that one perfect place that meets all your needs. Don’t settle for something you don’t like. Your horse deserves a proper home. Follow these tips when buying the right horse property.

Tip 1 – Finding a good real estate agent makes horse property hunting easy

A competent and professional real estate agent will listen to your needs. A real estate agent can provide you with a list of properties that you cannot find on your own. Our list of horse properties will give you an insight into the current market and help you negotiate a better price. Your purchasing process is a lot easier when you have an agent as an ally. A competent real estate agent will use their expertise and knowledge to find the horse property that suits your needs and budget. On our website, you can find real estate agents committed to pairing you with the sellers in the equestrian real estate market.

Tip 2 – Think long term when buying the horse property

When you are purchasing any property, you should think long term. Your needs change over time, so you need to be entirely sure your horse property is the perfect decision. Think: what do you want to do in five or ten years? Is this a good investment? What will you do with the property if you decide to relocate? What are your long term objectives for this property? So, keep in mind all these questions when you are buying the right horse property. Also, keep the cost of future renovations in mind when determining your budget.

Tip 3 – Location, location, location

When choosing a property, it is essential to think about the location. Commuting to your work or driving to the grocery store can take a lot of time and a lot of energy. So, you need to find a location near all the institutions, work, and grocery stores so you can have more time to spend with your horses. The less time you lose commuting, the more time you will have to maintain the vast property that you are living in.

To conclude, pick a location that is near your health care providers, entertainment, banks, groceries, your job, and other amenities. There are many beautiful places in the USA where you can find the perfect location for your horse property. One of them is Westchester County; it provides the premier country-style estates and beautiful properties perfectly designed for horse lovers. A Westchester County relocation can be enjoyable because it is the perfect spot for horse ownership. Soon, you will realize that horse estates in Westchester County have developed from the trot to gallop. Many great horse properties respect states’ and municipalities’ procedures and requirements. Buying the right horse property means picking the one that exceeds the BMP requirements. These regulations cover water quality, air quality related to dust, soil erosion, etc. Many factors have a big influence when searching for the perfect horse property. Your horses should be kept on a piece of land with the right soil type, vegetative cover, climate, with enough rainfall, and the presence of streams.

Take a look on our list of horse properties in the state of New York, and you might find the perfect location for your horse estate in Westchester County or somewhere else. Also, you might consider other states in the US; our agents are more than capable of helping you find a perfect property anywhere.

Tip 4 – Pick the right type and size of horse property

Another important factor. When buying the right horse property, you should be informed about the government laws on how many horses you can have per acre. These laws exist for a reason. They support the health of your animals and the proper usage of the land. The recommended pasture acreage to support one horse is 2.5 acres. Keep it in mind when you start your horse property hunting. Your horses need plenty of room to move. Your research will be successful if you pay attention to all the details, such as troublesome paths, fences, dead trees, etc. Make sure to examine the potential horse properties carefully. Watch out for land inclined to flood from waterway floodplains, low-lying zones that are catchment regions for rain, soak bluffs, gravelly territories, extremely acidic soil, or absence of level spots where you can put structures, stopping zones, and a riding ring. Our agents can help you with all the doubts you have. To pick the right size and type of horse property, you should rely on professional agents who know what the perfect solution for you is.

Tip 5 – Inspect the property

Buying a large farm for a small price is appealing, but be careful as sometimes it requires a lot of work, time, energy and money. When purchasing an equestrian property, you should perform an inspection before closing the deal. You want the property that meets your needs and budget.

Inspect all the fences, buildings, stables and other parts of the property for safety. Check the electrical in the barns, water pipes, roofs, and foundation. Make sure that your potential horse property is in the best shape for the price you pay. If there are things that must be fixed, make sure to have easy solutions for all the potential troubles. Your budget should cover the potential risks, problems and maintenance. Remember, you need to weigh your preferences and priorities. You don’t want to overpay for the property that requires a lot of repairs.

Here are some things you should think about when you visit your potential property:

  • Check the age of horse stalls and buildings
  • Extra features
  • Type of fencing
  • Drainage systems
  • Plumbing, water heater, and electricity
  • How well-maintained and safe the structures are overall

Tip 6 – Check your neighbors

When buying any property, including a horse estate, you should check the neighbors. It can be hard to meet them but take a look at their property to get an idea of who you are dealing with. You want friendly and quiet neighbors that can help you when in trouble. So, avoid buying the horse property near troublesome neighbors.

Tip 7 – Visit a few different properties

The last but not the least – start searching on time so you can visit a few different horse properties. To make the best decision you should compare more equestrian real estates. Make sure to know your budget. There are horse properties different in sizes, prices, and outbuildings. But, don’t worry, the agents on our website are specialist, it is their job to find you that one property that meets the needs you and your horses have. We are the largest listing site of horse properties in the United States and internationally. Our agents have the experience to simplify your buying experience. 

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