study commissioned by the American Horse Council Foundation estimated the number of horses in the US at 9.2 million. There are 2 million horse owners in the country with an estimated 1.7 million involved as owners, service providers or employees. Horses need land and space to move and feed on with ideally an acre devoted to every 2 horses according to experts. A horse property must have space for pasture, paddock, barn, wash area, trail parking and source of water. Unfortunately, horse properties, which are anywhere from 2 to 50 acres, require a lot of maintenance. But, if you have the right tools, you won’t have a hard time keeping the area clean. One of the most unlikely tools that you might need is a leaf blower. There are several ways to use your leaf blower on your horse property.

Keeps Snow Off Your Driveway or Pathways

Leaf blowers are useful tools to have on your equestrian property. More than blowing leaves away on the grass or pathways, leaf blowers do a fantastic job of clearing loose snow fast freeing driveways and trails. If your stables are also covered in snow, the leaf blower is your best bet to get the job done quickly.

Cleans Your Truck and Trail

You might need to transport your horses for a visit to the vet or to participate in competitions and fairs. Cleaning their trailers is not only important for a neat space but also for sanitary purposes. Leaf blowers speed up the process and you can get the job done fast leaving you with time for other chores such as grooming or dressing the horse for the competition.

Keeps Your Gutters in Good Shape

There is no doubt about it, clean gutters and sewage systems are desirable for they are part of the upkeep of the homestead and the stables. If your gutters and sewers are clogged, they will prevent water from flowing freely causing damages and flooding. Stagnant water in roofs is also not desirable for it creates pest infestations.

Helps in Wire Laying

Another easy and practical use of leaf blowers is that they are great tools in assisting with a lay wiring. If you need to thread wires in a long pipe, you can use the leaf blower to push it all the way to the other end quickly.

Maintaining a horse property can sometimes be a difficult and meticulous job. However, with the with the right plan, the right tools, and some creativity, you can get a lot of maintenance jobs done on your equestrian property.


Jackie Young,

“Freelance writer” 

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