Connecticut is not only renowned for its picturesque horse farms and exquisite equestrian estates but also the state’s rich agricultural heritage and vibrant agricultural industry. 


Connecticut’s Ag Sector

Connecticut has long been dairy farm country, and with around 18,500 dairy cows, milk production attributes to the state’s second largest agricultural sector. Based on Department of Agriculture Reports, the number of dairy farms has been on the decline. However, horse farms continue to hold a strong presence throughout the state. 


The Working Horse Farms

As of 2017, Connecticut had around 1,352 working horse farms. A survey by the University of Connecticut counted more than 43,000 horses and the state ranks third with the greatest density of horses per capita. The study also found that around 53% of horse owners kept their horses on their privately owned farms, opposed to boarding. The University of Connecticut also determined that the most prevalent breeds throughout the state are Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, and mixed breeds, making up about 53% of the breed demographic. 


Overall Economy

Connecticut’s economy is known for its diverse industries and strong GDP (Gross Domestic Product). With a highly skilled workforce and a strategic location, the state has developed a robust economy that contributes significantly to the overall prosperity of the region. Connecticut’s GDP of $252.8 billion is primarily driven by sectors such as finance, insurance, real estate, manufacturing, and healthcare. The state is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies and has a thriving small business sector. Additionally, Connecticut benefits from its proximity to major metropolitan areas like New York City and Boston, which further enhances its economic growth.

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img Horse Population: Over 43,000 horses
img Population: 3,606,000
img Land area: 4,844 sq. miles
img Capital: Hartford
img Counties: 8
img Highest Point: Mt Frissell: 2,380 feet
img Lowest Point: Long Island Sound
img Geographic Center: Hartford Co., at East Berlin
img 5 Largest Cities :
  • Bridgeport: 148,457
  • New Haven: 138,915
  • Stamford: 136,188
  • Hartford: 120,686
  • Waterbury: 115,016

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