From the rolling hills of wine country to the sandy beaches of the coast, California provides a variety of competitive horse facilities, equestrian estates, and peaceful hobby farms. The state is renowned for its world-class horse shows, picturesque trails, and temperate climate. 


A Booming Economy

With a population of over 39 million people, it is the most populous state in the United States. Additionally, California boasts a thriving economy, ranking as the fifth-largest in the world if it were an independent country. The state’s GDP is estimated to be around $3.8 trillion, driven by diverse industries such as technology, entertainment, agriculture, and tourism.


Exceptional Horse Shows

California is host to several renowned horse shows that attract participants and spectators from around the world. One of the most prestigious events is the Del Mar National Horse Show, held in Del Mar, California. This multi-week show features a variety of equestrian disciplines, including hunter/jumper, dressage, and western riding, and draws top competitors from across the country. The Western States Horse Expo, held in Sacramento, is a popular event that celebrates all aspects of horsemanship, featuring demonstrations, clinics, and a trade show. Additionally, the California State Fair Horse Show, held in Sacramento, showcases a wide range of equestrian disciplines and breeds, providing a great family environment for both riders and spectators. These are just a few examples of the famous horse shows that take place in California, highlighting the state’s vibrant equestrian scene and its commitment to promoting excellence in horsemanship.


Don’t Forget the Races

California is renowned for its vibrant thoroughbred horse racing industry as well. The state is home to several prestigious racetracks, including Santa Anita Park, Del Mar Racetrack, and Golden Gate Fields. These venues host thrilling races that attract top jockeys, trainers, and horses from around the world. California thoroughbred horse races, such as the Santa Anita Derby and the Pacific Classic, showcase the skill and athleticism of these magnificent animals, providing an exciting and memorable experience for racing enthusiasts and spectators alike.


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