Some people enjoy horseback riding in nature. Others enjoy equestrian sports such as Polo, show jumping, racing, dressage, etc. Needless to say, horse-based tourism is thriving! However, there are still some misconceptions about this kind of tourism. Namely, it should not be mistaken with horseback riding tours that last for a couple of hours. Horse-based tourism must include at least two days with an overnight stay (or more) where the equestrian activity is the main motivation. So, let us mention several different kinds of horse-based tourism that are currently on the market.

Guest Ranches are very Popular

Guest ranches are probably the most popular kind of horse-based tourism. If you are a guest on a ranch, you will get accommodation, food, horseback riding lessons, and other horse-based activities. These kinds of tourism products are also called ‘star’ products because the horseback rides people go on have the shape of a star (every day they can go in one of five directions).

Guest ranches are perfect for a vacation where you can connect with nature. They are suitable for everybody – adults and children. Depending on their needs, people can choose to go horseback riding all five days or create a custom stay where they can also do other things on the ranch like hiking, playing sports, doing some cattle-related activities, or just relaxing in nature and learning about the equestrian industry.

Equestrian Tour with Camping

An equestrian tour with camping is another popular product. Here, people go on a camping trip which usually lasts four or five days. However, this time, they will not be staying on ranches or in specialized rooms. They will stay in tents somewhere deep in nature. Because of that reason, this kind of tourism product is more demanding. It is not recommended for children nor inexperienced people. Besides knowing how to ride a horse, going on this tour requires also knowing how to survive in nature, as well as being physically prepared to withstand several days on the road.

Of course, if you go on this adventurous tour, you will not go alone. A guide will lead you, and you will enjoy the company of other horse enthusiasts. They will probably provide you with a tent, food, and drinks, but things like mats, sleeping bags, hygiene products, etc. you will have to bring and carry yourself.

Moreover, many people who recently bought and moved into their new equestrian property with the help of Allstate Moving and Storage, are offering these kinds of tours as well. So, keep that in mind if you are looking for a cheaper horseback riding alternative.

Horseback Riding on Beaches

Horseback riding on the beach is something you were able to see only in romantic movies. But, not anymore! There are now resorts, close to the seashore, that offer horseback riding on the beach. This is a particularly popular tour for newlyweds who come to these resorts on their honeymoon. However, this type of horse-based tourism is very different from the previous two, where you can pretend you are a cowboy and have a rustic vacation. Here, you do not have to sleep in cottages and tents. Instead, you can have a five-star stay in some of the most prestigious hotels that, besides many other things, offer horseback riding activities as well.

But, be careful – these kinds of vacations can easily break the budget. If you do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a five-star hotel, but still want to experience something like this, consider looking for ranches near rivers or lakes. You can also look for people who modernized and renovated their farmhouses and thus turned them into nice and cozy stays as well.

Horse-Based Safari in Africa

This horse-based tour is, of course, in Africa. Here, you will probably stay in a cottage or in a camp, which will be your base. From that base, you will be able to ride to different places depending on your preferences, as well as your riding skills. For example, if you are an experienced rider, you can go to some faraway places where you can experience spectacular Africa with all its natural life. If you are not, however, you can go to some places that are not that dangerous nor far away.

Nowadays, you can also hear ranch owners who have enormous lands and horses promoting their horse properties as Safari-like places. Of course, it is not the real thing, and you will not be coming across elephants, giraffes, and lions. You will still be able to see some animals particular to that region, though.

Training and Further Education

If you have never ridden a horse before, but you want to go to any of the previously mentioned places, you must first receive some horseback riding training and education. You can do that on specialized ranches. They are organized in the same way as other ranches. The only difference is that they provide riding lessons.

Moreover, some ranches offer further education to horseback riders who already know how to ride but want to practice and perfect it. They can book a private trainer and practice things like show jumping, dressage, or any other equestrian sport. Keep in mind that these types of horse-based tourism products are on the expensive side as well. This is because this time, you will not only have to pay for your accommodation, food, and riding trips but also for the lessons.

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