When it comes to promoting horse property compared to residential property, certain tactics work better. This is simply because those interested in horse property belong to a distinct audience that can be found in specific circles. The best way to promote horse property is to reach that audience. How fast you will sell the property, however, depends on how well you present it. And this is where the promotion activities begin.

Which promotion activities you should rely on to sell your horse property?

Promotion of any property, including rural and horse properties, rests on a few very simple postulates. The seller needs to present vividly everything the property is (and can be) to the prospective buyers. Those who own the property for a long time won’t have any problems with that. Who else knows as much about its qualities than the owner who invested time, effort, and genuine feelings into it? Thus, the seller should focus on

  • Writing a good selling description
  • Cleaning, staging, and photographing the horse property
  • Advertising the property through the right channels

Unlike other properties, people who own and invest in a horse property do it out of love for horses, not the property itself. And in promoting the property for sale they speak to likeminded people, which makes their job that much easier.

Honest description sells

Every person who plans to invest significant funds in a horse property is either a connoisseur or will hire one to inspect the claims the seller posts in the description. Coming out as a trustworthy owner is the most important aspect of your promotion activities. Hence, you should take the time to come up with a good selling description for your horse property and focus on the benefits.

True, there will always be more modern, larger, or better-organized horse properties. But yours has something that makes it special and you need to point it out. It may be its location, tradition, size, or something else entirely. Maybe not every feature can be presented favorably, but if you present it honestly you won’t lose that perfect buyer.

Make your horse property presentable

Successful sellers think from the buyer’s perspective. People who buy horse properties are buying a well organized, elegant, clean living system. Experts or not, they already have a preconception of what a horse property should look like and they might feel disappointed if something is not up to par. As mentioned earlier, you are not just selling what there is.

To make your horse property as attractive as possible, you need to thoroughly clean the stable before staging it and then hire a professional photographer. Having in mind the sheer size of the property, the photographer will most likely use a drone. This implies that the property and all of its auxiliary buildings and surrounding terrain and pasture should look their best.

After several years (not to mention decades) owners stop noticing clutter and indeed see it as an organized mess. But buyers do see the mess and it is not attractive. A real estate agent who specializes in horse property will point your attention on features you need to spruce up, be it your cluttered tack room, messy horse arena, or rundown pasture.¬†Before you take the photos, find storage for all the items that cause clutter to make sure the pictures best represent your horse property and show its size. Unlike human residences, horse properties often have a tradition and shouldn’t be depersonalized. After all, that is often their most desirable feature.

Get through to your potential buyers

Knowing who your buyers are will help you find them. Hence, to pave the road to a quick and satisfying sale you not only need the bricks, but also knowing where the road leads. And it leads to equestrian groups, clubs, and associations, to equestrian magazines and stores and their websites, to horse-related events, and of course, to horse property listings.

As a longtime owner of horse property, you are highly likely already a part of most, if not all, of these circles. Hence, now comes the next most important part of your promotion activities. Presenting the horse property with the right media.


Professional photographs are indispensable and are the first thing prospective buyers expect to see. They are a perfect medium to show on social networks, in magazines, and horse property listings. Make sure you make plenty of photographs during the most favorable season and times of the day and choose the best ones with the help of your real estate agent. Bear in mind that while photos are good at showing the condition of the horse property, virtual tours are better conducts of the atmosphere.

Virtual tours

Virtual tours are a step up and often involve professional assistance in both filming and editing. Investing in a virtual tour eventually pays off. The video should be followed by narration as well as titles and ambient music. Look at a virtual tour as a short documentary; the atmosphere will set the mood for the buyer. Especially if the narrative incorporates emotional or funny anecdotes. While virtual presentations are undeniably attractive and modern, you need to complement them with some hard evidence.

Display evidence

What makes your promotion trustworthy? It is the evidence you submit to support your claims. If there is anything that sets your horse property apart, it is most likely mentioned online so you can provide links to reliable sources. Also, make sure that the vital documentation is well organized, and be ready to present it to potential buyers. While every seriously interested buyer will research your property as a part of their homework, you will show a great deal of sincerity and integrity by offering such details upfront.

A bonus tip

Most importantly, in your capacity as a seller, you should make yourself easily accessible. Wherever you promote your horse property, you should provide full contact information and remain available for inquiries. The more inquiries lead to visits, the better chances for a sale.

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