Residing in a farmhouse may be one of the experiences that you have always dreamed of; however, if yours is feeling a bit outdated it may be time to give your home a facelift. In your vast open space, you may see the wondrous open plain of opportunity in front of you. As you begin to envision all that it can be, consider these tips to help you balance the modernization of your residence while maintaining the beauty of its rustic features.

Power and Energy

With a large property, costly fueling expenses may be one of the concerns that you have as the weather turns to more extreme temperatures; however, you don’t need to put up with extensive utility bills. One essential renovation to modernize residence should be to integrate a solar power system. Not only can this save you a lot of fuel, but this can reduce your impact on the planet despite your expansive property.

The Old and the New

While you may want to modernize your home, your renovations should also take into consideration future resale and how the designs will age. This can be a great reason to embrace both the old and the new when it comes to your aesthetic. You can embrace a simple and classic, but also trendy style to help you ensure that your home’s design will age well and yet also look modern and visually appealing now.

Plenty of Sun and Light

Another necessary component of your renovation project should include the incorporation of natural light. If you can include natural light through the addition of windows or a sunroom, can create a truly stunning space. Whether you are looking to overlook your horses as they frolic through fields or you want a serene place to do yoga or read, make sure that you have as much natural light as possible in your plan.

Outdoor Oasis

On an expansive property, the exterior of your home and your yard can prove to be key areas in your transformation. You can substantially increase your living space if you establish an outdoor living space. Whether you create a cozy seating area around a fire pit, build a patio or deck for dining or a wraparound porch, you can add whole new living spaces to your home’s exterior. You can even add some privacy by quartering off your backyard or section off different parts of your yard with creative landscaping, trees and foliage.

Appliance Replacements

One feature of homes that can be incredibly telling of the age and care and evolution of the home are appliances. An outdated appliance can be a loud indication of an outdated home. Not only can appliances scream of the age of your home, but they can also lead you to major disasters and inconveniences down the road. If you wait until they cease to function and don’t address them proactively, you can find yourself in a nasty, urgent situation if you aren’t careful. As you look to modernize your home, make sure that replacing older appliances is at the top of the list.


As you get excited about this next chapter in your expansive home, you may be delighted by the prospects available to you. While some people thrive when it comes to design and creating their own aesthetic, not everyone is thrilled by the idea of décor and design. If you are someone who does not yet have a clear vision, consider taking some time to get inspired in your dream home’s aesthetic. If you feel like you still have not met your interior design muse, keep in mind that you can always enlist the help of professionals. A seasoned architect, contractor and interior designer can help you bridge the gap from your desires to your dream home.

Looking at your extensive setting, you may begin to see the blank canvas in front of you. You may be surprised at how many options there are to take your traditional rustic farmhouse to the next level. With these tips, you will be overwhelmed and ecstatic at how the final result takes rustic into the next century.

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