Horses need our utmost attention. In light of this information, let us offer you some of the best and smart IoT devices that you can cater to their wellbeing and make your live on your horse farm easier.

Here is a list of five smart IoT devices essential for managing horses:

3D Printed Horseshoes

The hooves of horses are delicate, especially when considering equestrian activities. Vigorous running and numerous other exercises can be quite damaging cause pain if left untreated. This is why horses should wear horseshoes for better hoof health. They are a must if you want your horse to play an active role throughout their lifespan. They are lightweight as compared to the traditional horseshoe and enable horses to run at high speeds

They are actually lifesavers for horses. The Dutch researchers have come up with a way to print custom-made shoes that can perfectly match your horse. It is accomplished through the implementation of 3D printing. No more hoof issues and lameness anymore.

CT Scans

Computed tomography scan surprisingly is considered a privilege for patients in developing countries. However, we are quickly moving into a new world where horses will be receiving their own scans if a need arises. Why CT (Computed Tomography) scans is going to be a big thing for horses, you might ask?

The idea is that CT scans can quickly identify any underlying problems that can be hard to detect by animal caretakers. It can provide cross-sectional images of not only bones but also blood vessels and soft tissues within the horse’s body. Horses are no way cheap to acquire, and the emotional attachment owners have with them is undeniable.

Hence these scans can help prevent owners from making fatal errors in their judgements regarding the health of the horse. They can also take immediate measures to protect their lives as well as extend their lifespan.

IoT Enabled Halter

Halters are the headgear that you put on your horse that is occasionally used to tie them up. It can easily fit behind the ears and around the muzzle. Today we have IOT-enabled halters for horses that can be empowered through machine learning to do a whole lot more. These halters can detect any irregularities, which can be hard for caretakers to figure out.

Heart rate, respiratory rate, overall activity, motion, and even posture of your horse can be recorded. These smart halters are quite light and compact and can easily detect any distress signals. NIGHTWATCH24 is an excellent example of this category.


We are living in 2020, and drones have already become the norm in our lives. We see them at wedding events, photoshoots, professional photography, and various nightlife parties and other activities.

Hence sooner or later, drones are going to invade the racing course one way or the other. Not only are they able to capture the heat of the moment as it is happening in real-time.

An assembly of these drones can be used to offer multiple angles of the race to fuel the excitement for viewers. In fact, these days, we have drones on British racecourses where Sky Sports Racing, in particular, uses drones. They can capture live action and broadcast the live coverage utilizing a network of satellites.

Health Trackers

There is no doubt that horses that take part in various sporting activities are more prone to health concerns. Their bodies are pushed to the limit, and this can even result in injuries. Today we are looking at technological solutions to prevent such unfortunate events from occurring in the first place. Here are some of the best health trackers specifically designed to keep horses and their wellbeing in check:


It is an equine monitoring device that can be placed anywhere on your horse. SeeHorse has various functions. It can easily detect the temperature of your horse, the pulse/heart rate, and other bodily functions, including respiratory cycles.

Through SeeHorse, you can manage and maintain the overall wellbeing of your horse. It offers you vital signs, plus it charges through kinetic energy.


This sensor comes with an attachment and a charger. It can help you to analyze the quality as well as the intensity of the movements. The locomotion can be recorded, including the time that is spent at each gait and lead.

The data can also be adapted to match your preferences so that you have complete control over your training sessions. Progress and further developments regarding your horse can thus be monitored.


This sensor can measure the sweat of your horse as well as how often your horse spends time lying down. Hence you can also know when your horse is going through foaling. It can also be made to adjust the sensitivity depending upon your horse.

The alarm sounds when a threat is detected or when parameters set by you are breached. The sensor is also portable so that you can carry it with you wherever you go.


Horses are not a cheap investment, and they can cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. Plus, they are faithful creatures that deserve every bit of our attention, love, and care. The emotional attachment with a horse is undying and eternal. While their lifespan is shorter than ours, they can live up to 25-30 years at most.

This is more than enough time to fall in love with them. Hence a horse even when it is gone can be severely missed by owners. Technology can help better to cater to their needs. We are merely discovering ways to take care of them. There is yet much work to be delivered for their betterment.

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