Despite the general opinion of amateurs, selling whatever type of property involves much more than putting the property on the real estate market. There are many tasks that precede this final step, and thorough cleaning is, by all means, one of them. Cleaning a horse stable before selling it results in two major benefits for the sellers. Firstly, it will make the  horse stable much more appealing to prospective horse property buyers, which means it will be much easier to sell it. Secondly, it will considerably increase the selling price and we all know that everybody wants to sell their equestrian property at the highest possible price.

If your current aim is to sell your horse stable, here are the cleaning strategies you need to apply before you enter the process. Study our instructions carefully and follow them closely. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.

Thorough cleaning requires a plan

Prior to selling a horse property, horse farm or equestrian estate, sellers need to orchestrate and conduct a deep and thorough cleaning. Hiring professionals to do the job for you is always one of the options, but completing the task yourself with the help of your friends is possible and easily manageable, especially if you have been maintaining the horse stable properly on a daily basis.

So, start by making a plan. It should include obtaining the necessary equipment, preparing the appropriate clothes, obtaining disinfectants and deodorizers, the names of the people who can help you, and so on. In other words, you need to list all the factors that are critical to bringing this process to the end successfully.

The necessary tools for cleaning a stable

The tools you will need for this type of cleaning will not be much different from those you use regularly. You will need:

  • Work gloves to protect your hands from blisters and dirt.
  • Rubber boots, because urine can ruin the stitches on your leather riding boots.
  • A wheelbarrow or a cart
  • A five-prong pitchfork and a shavings fork
  • Broad shovel
  • A broom

Once you have prepared the necessary tools and equipment, you can dress properly and start working.

Prepare the horse stable prior to cleaning

Firstly, you need to remove all the elements that may present an obstacle to the cleaning process. Remove feed tubs, empty water buckets, horse toys, or extra tools if there are any. To prevent unnecessary cluttering, you should consider storing some of these items. A viable solution is to contact companies like the one available at to provide you with impeccable storage services. Your belongings will be safe and sound until the selling process is over and you need to use them again.

Then, gather all the necessary tools you will need for cleaning and prepare a wheelbarrow. Since you will need to maneuver the wheelbarrow all the way to the manure pile, it is highly advisable to place it toward the stable door. This will make the whole process much easier to perform.

Start with removing the bedding

Removing bedding is the first step in the cleaning process. You will need a pitchfork or a shaving fork depending on the type of bedding. A pitchfork is more appropriate for straw while shaving fork is used for shavings or sawdust. Sometimes, you can also use a shovel for this as well. Fork the soiled bedding and manure into the wheelbarrow and then dump the content on the manure pile. Remember not to overfill the wheelbarrow because it is very likely that you will not be able to push or tip it easily. Hence, you risk having to clean twice instead of once just because you are being impatient and rushing the process

Also, do not forget about spider webs. After inspecting the interior in detail, remove them carefully with a broom. Potential buyers do not want to witness any signs of negligence, especially if they are looking for a place to keep horses belonging to one of the most expensive horse breeds.

Clean the alleys and doorways

It is essential that the alleys and doorways in the stable you are about to sell are neat and tidy. Hence, sweep the alleys carefully and eliminate any spilled manure or remnants of straw or shavings. Use the shovel to collect all the sweepings and then take them to the manure pile. This way, you will keep alleys and doorways clean and you will reduce the risk of finding a muddy mess at the entrance of your stable once a potential buyer comes to see your property.

Use stable disinfectant and deodorizer

The final step when you want to clean a stable before selling it is to use proper stable disinfectants and to eliminate odors with stable deodorizers. This will add the final touch of cleanliness to your property and prove that you have maintained this stable properly and regularly. Those who decide to buy the stable will hopefully know how to care for their horse and will keep the stable in impeccable condition as well.


Knowing how to clean a stable before selling it will help you reach your goal of selling the property at the desired price. Take this task seriously, because cleanliness and safety are the most valued factors when choosing a property to buy. Selling properties in rural areas is not that easy, to be honest, so it is vital to be able to stand out among numerous similar competitors. Bear these facts always in mind and you will be able to sell your stable at the highest possible price.




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