Horse riding vs Car driving living in the countryside is one of the hottest topics of the modern era. Here, we’ve gathered some helpful factors which should show you why riding your horse is better and efficient for traveling as compared to driving a car.

By now, you may have watched the classic Wild West American movies where horses are often the primary means of transport. So, what happened to them? Are cars a better option for their speed and convenience? These are some of the questions that we will attempt to answer in this detailed piece.

Now, there’s no arguing that the elite men and women of society are trying to brainwash the population with new tech devices. Yes! In fact, any average person today will tell you that reading information on a computer is better than merely taking out a book in almost all aspects.

While this may be true, innovations in technology are not always beneficial to society. Of course, you may have heard that the horse is slower than the car, but this is only ‘one side of the coin. Here, we are going to flip it and show you the advantages of horse riding as compared to driving a car especially if you’re living in the countryside!

  1. Horse Riding Does Not Cause Any Traffic Jams

In our home state, traffic jams are mainly caused by the overcrowding of cars. This leads to waste of time, causes stress, environmental pollution among other awful things. On top of that, authorities have to incur additional costs on constructing fly-overs, traffic lights as well as underpasses.

If you’re riding a horse, causing a traffic jam is almost laughable. After all, horses only take up little space when compared to cars. Furthermore, horses don’t need to be controlled by traffic lights as they stop faster and move slower than cars.

  1. Horses Cause Little to No Pollution

Let’s face it; the greatest challenge facing our Ozone layer is the emissions coming from the engines of cars. This also causes problems like respiratory diseases, asthma, cancer, and heart diseases. It also reduces and damages all chances of crop production.

On the other hand, horse riding neither emits carbon monoxide nor lead toxins, two components known to harm all living creatures. Some may argue that the horse pollutes the environment by producing manure. However, manure can be said to be a pollutant if it falls on a hard surface with no soil.

  1. A Horse Works Better On Rocky Surfaces

Even if you have the fastest car, you cannot drive it on any rocky surface. In the countryside where most of the land is full of rock, car driving wouldn’t be a wise decision. It often leads to additional costs of constructing roads and other crucial infrastructure to make the place convenient for cars.

On the other hand, horse riding does not require additional infrastructure like public roads. It can run effectively on rocky surfaces and open ground. Lastly, unlike cars, horses can pass and jump through any obstruction (stones and fallen trees) it finds on its path.

  1. Cars Are Prone to Accidents

We love using cars because of their ability to move at breathtaking speeds. Sadly, while this may appear quite thrilling, it comes with a lot of risks. Let’s look at this keenly. First, cases of pedestrian accidents are quite rare and if they’re there probably those of minor injuries or bruises.

Second, a horse riding accident will only cause one or two broken bones, and your horse will not suffer from collision. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to die in a crash where fast-speed cars collide with each other. Yes, there those who miraculously recover, sadly, their cars are rendered useless and cast aside as scrap metal.

  1. Horses Are Known to Share a Close Bond with Man

The modern era has seen man delegate almost everything that was previously done by animals to machines. Why? Well, speed and convenience are the only two reasons we could think of. Such is the same when it comes to our horse versus the car situation.

While efficiency is good, it should not be your only consideration. Remember that as humans, we are social beings who need to talk and express our feelings with other living things. That’s why keeping horses for travel also earns them the role of being your trusted companion.

  1. A Horse Can Give Birth to New Offspring!

While technology has transformed many things, this is maybe the only area where it has no ‘power’ over. You may buy an expensive, fast and glamorous car, but when it breaks down, you’ll have to spend your well-earned cash just to get another one. Now, if we were to go by the current state of inflation, and rising prices of oil, as well as gas, buying a new car, wouldn’t be the most financially ‘sane’ choice.

With horses, you have breeds which can mate and give birth to new species which is quite economical. Besides, because horses consume grass or hay which grows naturally, raising another offspring will only cost you a fair amount of money!


Keep these advantages of horse riding in mind if you’re staying in the countryside or planning to take a trip to these hilly and rocky regions. We are not discouraging you from driving a car or owning one of the latest brands in the industry. No! Instead, our aim is to show you why riding a horse will get you from point A to B safely, conveniently, and effectively.

So, are you thinking of some keeping horses in your ranch? Which breeds do you have in mind?

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Scott Pine is a journalist, creative writer, and traveler. He lives in Dallas with his wife and two little sons. Scott also works on his own project Follow him on Twitter.

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