If you want to create an effective ad, which will convince a customer to buy your horse property, you should be ready to polish every sentence of its description. You should learn how to manipulate the buying decisions by choosing the appropriate words. If you are not a professional marketer but want to sell a real estate with ease, check the following useful tips.

Describe a horse property as detailed as possible

You shouldn’t expect that an ad, which consists of only two sentences, will bring you positive results. It’s important to fill in every section of an ad form with the relevant data. You should mention the most significant features of a lot, home and horse facility as well as the distances to the nearest school, hospital, and shopping mall.

Helen Manchaca, a marketing and communications specialist at ResumesCentre, states: “Even if your ad contains a lot of beautiful pictures, you still need to write a list of the basic characteristics. You should provide your prospective customers with reliable and valuable information, which they can use to make a buying decision.”

Use emotional appeal

However, not only technical parameters and basic characteristic of your horse property matter. The point is that you should also put a story behind it. Human beings are irrational creatures, and sometimes they think with a heart, not head.

You should write a remarkable ad description, which will help a reader to imagine your horse property in all details. For example, you can say that the air is filled with healing aromas of pine or that a gentle stream located nearby creates a relaxing sound. “You should affect all senses of the reader including hearing and smell to make an image of your property more vivid,” – says Pat Fredshaw, a content editor at EssaySupply.com.

Come up with a catchy title

If you want to make sure that users will click your ad, you should come up with an unordinary title. It should drive the visitors’ curiosity and encourage them to learn more about your horse property. For example, a poetic title “Early American Style Home Impeccably Restored & Lovingly Cared” will grab audience’s attention better than a boring phrase “10 Acre Central Florida Horse Farm Estate”.

Christopher K. Mercer, a digital marketer and founder of Citatior, says: “You should try your best to make your ad stand out from the crowd. If you don’t use a catchy title, you lose a chance to reach your potential client. Competition in the market is high, so you should generate the creative headings, which will help you to be noticed.”

Don’t make it sounds too promotional

You should never make the unfounded affirmations writing that your horse property is the best of the best in the world. You should always support your statements with the evidence.

In other words, you can claim that your horse farm is the most beautiful in the region, only if it was nominated and awarded by a reputable magazine. Target audience cares about the facts, not about your subjective opinion.

If you don’t know how to create an ad description, which will not sound irritatingly salesy, you can get professional help. You can find the qualified writers with marketing background at freelance platforms like Upwork and Fiverr or at a review website like OnlineWritersRating.

Proofread your ad

People, who have enough money to buy or rent a horse property, are well-educated and literate. For this reason, if you will make a grammar mistake or a typo in an ad, they will notice it immediately. As a consequence, they will not consider your ad as a source of information, which they can trust.

You should proofread a text a few times before post it online. You can do it by yourself or with the help of online services like FlashEssay or automatic grammar checkers like Grammarly. If you revise your ad for errors carefully, you can be sure that nothing will spoil your professional reputation.

Final thoughts

If you want to write an ad, which will work effectively, you should use your creative skills. You should describe your horse property as an exclusive product to grab the target audience’s attention. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t make a description too long or too short – find a golden middle to get the best results.

Written by James Scott

James Scott is a past freelance writer, who has specialized in education, blogging, and digital marketing.  As co-founder of Essay Supply and StudyClerk, he remains a freelancer of sorts, although he is now far more than a “business of one.”  


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