Well-taken pictures can influence a buyer to pursue a particular home. When shopping for a home online, you determine your first impression by the photos of the property. So one of the keys to correctly advertising your property is to make sure that your photos are professional-quality. Whether you are taking the property photos or your realtor, there are a few ways to greatly enhance them.

Room Tips:

Clean. For photos, make sure the rooms look tidy and organized. It gives the buyers a good first impression that the home has been well cared for and maintained. While cleaning requires extra work, it is worth it. If necessary, hire extra help.

De-clutter. Too many belongings in a room makes it appear smaller than it actually is. Keep furniture to a minimum and keep only a few pictures hung on the walls.

Add space between furniture. Closely packed furniture deters buyers. After removing unnecessary furniture, add space between the furniture, as it will make the room appear more airy and open.

Mirrors. Mirrors are a favored addition to rooms because they reflect natural light, which can make a room appear larger.

Flowers. A bouquet of flowers instantly adds color and beauty to a room. It’s a small trick that can greatly influence the appearance of a room. If you have a clear vase, make sure the water is fresh and clean.


Picture Tips:

Natural Lighting. Natural lighting is crucial so plan to take your pictures in the daylight. Makes sure the room is bright because future homeowners want bright, airy homes. Don’t be afraid to open the blinds, clean the windows, and install higher wattage light bulbs. In addition, avoid using a flash on your camera. Flashes light up the objects closest to the camera but exclude the background and block natural light.

Tripods. Tripods are the key to avoiding blurry pictures. Tripods also allow you to take test shot, view the image, and then make the appropriate adjustments to the room.

Shoot straight. Tilting the camera makes the images appear unbalanced. Shooting your images straight and about 4’ from the ground will allow you to correctly capture the entire room.

By Anna Hellman


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