When selling an equestrian property, what is a major factor that will draw buyers to your property? The barn? Of course!

Owners want to ensure that their horses will be content and happy. It is common to see horse people that are just as concerned about the living conditions of their horses as they are their own. So HorseProperties.Net came up with a few tips to make sure that your stable is sellable.

Tips for the Barn:
• Tidy up! Sweep the aisles, take down cobwebs, put away barn tools, and store non-essential tack.Tips for selling the barn
• Organize tack room. Especially for showings, make sure the tack room is clutter free and only has the minimal amount of tack. If your tack room is too packed, it will make the room appear smaller than it actually is.
• Muck stalls. Make sure to add clean shavings as well. It will leave potential buyers with a fresh, orderly first impression of your barn.

 Tips for Lawn/Pasture/Equipment:
• Lawns. Keep lawns mowed and weed-free.
• Pastures. All pastures should be maintained and manicured depending on the season.
• Organize heavy equipment. Put tractors, trailers, and other heavy equipment together rather than having them sprawled out throughout the property.

Tips for Fencing:
• Wood Fencing. Ensure that all boards are in excellent condition and intact. Remember that freshly painted fencing is always eye-catching!
• Electric Fencing. All electric tape should be tight and all fence posts should be upright and straight.

 Tips for the Arena:
• Good footing. Horse owners want good footing in their arenas. Footing is an investment that can make a substantial difference to potential buyers.
• Drag the arena. Especially for showings, this gives the impression that the arena has been well maintained.


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