As the owner of an equestrian property, you are in an enviable position. Not only do you own sprawling land, but you can also live and ride on your own horse property. But in addition to that, there is serious untapped potential for additional income. Your horse property can become a very profitable business. You can choose to keep it equestrian-related or get a little creative with it. But remember that you will most likely need to apply for a permit in order to change your property. That goes for building or using it for other purposes other than riding. Make sure to check your local laws before making plans or starting work on turning your property into a business. Equine conservation is a crucial issue that cannot be ignored and its importance overstated. You also need to look into insurance issues.

  1. Inn or Airbnb

Depending on your location, your property may very well be the ideal basis for a successful inn or hotel. It’s the perfect business – the property is large enough to already have a structure or allow one to be built. And the horses can be one of the major features that attract guests. Since the stables, the horses, and the grounds are included, it’s only a matter of making it available for guests. Having horses on the property is not only an incentive for guests, but it’s also a great feature for value. You can charge more for your rooms because of the access to horses. You can also enable your guests to enjoy the grounds and relax by taking a ride.

The investment:

Keep in mind that this will require a remodel of the existing building. Depending on its current state, general amenities may also need an update. A commercial kitchen for the inn restaurant is a must, as well as en-suite bathrooms for the guests. You’ll also want a good Wi-Fi connection guests can use, and a second major feature such as a spa.

  1. Riding school

Perhaps the most obvious idea, but also the most natural is to give riding lessons on your property. Your customers can be children or adults, with you as the instructor or hiring someone else to do it. That way, you can leverage the horses and your property with all of its amenities for an extra income stream. A lot of equestrian property owners are transforming their properties into training grounds and lending their expertise to other people.

The investment:

The best part of this business is that it doesn’t take that big of an investment to bring to life. You already have the grounds, the property, and the horses, so all you need to do is hire an instructor. You can also take that upon yourself. There is a possible renovation cost if you need to give the stables a refresh. But other than that, you are pretty much in profit territory almost immediately. You may also need a small marketing budget if you’re going to advertise your services online. But generally, your customers will come via word of mouth.

  1. Event space

The wedding industry is flourishing and continuously growing, so partaking in it is always a smart bet. Your equestrian property can become a perfect event space for weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations. If the property already includes a building large enough to host a large number of people, that’s perfect. Additionally, you can also convert a barn into an event space. That’s actually a very sought-after wedding location, so it’s the ideal time to take advantage of that. In addition, the grounds are the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. You can even host outdoor weddings. They would require minimal intervention, since the natural, rustic feel is the entire appeal of the property.

The investment:

Of course, there is an investment to be made to make sure the event space is in top shape. Like the inn, it would require a top of the line commercial kitchen. But you also need a dining room or dance hall that can host a large number of people. The stables may need to be renovated for aesthetic appeal. But generally speaking, this would allow your equestrian property to continue to exist undisturbed. You can still build a business that takes advantage of your property.

  1. Resort & honeymoon destination


And speaking of weddings and inns, a horse property can also become a wonderful resort-type honeymoon destination. What’s more romantic than being able to retreat to a secluded property with your sweetheart and enjoy nature? Guests can relax on the sprawling grounds, go on picnics, take bike rides, and get a taste of country life. Of course, the horses are the main attraction. You can choose to host guests who already know how to ride and are just looking to enjoy the horses. Or you can opt to include lessons in the activity package.

The investment:

The necessary investment here is similar to the inn or riding school – it’s both, really. Your property probably needs a spruce. When it comes to the grounds, your investment is minimal – it’s about letting the natural beauty of your property shine. People are willing to pay big for the luxury of taking a few days for themselves, especially as newlyweds.

  1. Shooting space for wedding photos, videos, movies, etc.

One of the greatest advantages of owning a horse property is its incredible and very coveted aesthetic merit. The acres of beautiful greenery are relaxing and enjoyable, that’s true. But they can also make for a wonderful backdrop for a variety of photographs, videos, and even movies. You can leverage that natural – and free – beauty by allowing photographers or videographers to use your land. Wedding photos are the most common request and where you will make the most money. But you will also get clients for graduation photos, engagement photos, shooting commercials, and other similar activities.

The investment:

The best part about this is that your investment is minimal. If you’re only providing access to the outside space, then that requires no cost on your part. Alternatively, you may want to zhuzh up the property. You can also upgrade the stables or barns if you wish to make these a part of the package. Setting up some Instagrammable spaces can also pay off big. A rose archway, some scenic shrubs, or fairy lights in some trees can be just what customers are looking for. You’ll have people coming from all over to shoot pictures for their special days.

Bottom line

In conclusion, owning an equestrian property is actually an investment opportunity that can pay off in a number of ways. Some business ideas come naturally – like teaching others to ride – while others take more creativity. Lending your property for photographs can also be a great way to get passive income. People will come here to shoot pictures for weddings, engagements, and other events. If you want to commit to a bigger investment, you can even host events like weddings on your property. That’s more effort and requires a bigger property upgrade, but it also generates a bigger return.

No matter what you choose to do, your horse property is the perfect way to generate additional income.

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