If you are thinking of buying horse property in Florida, then this guide will help you acquire a stable and gorgeous horse property. Florida is home to over 2,000 equestrian properties, so you can be certain that you will find a farm that suits your needs. However, with all these options available, do you know where to start and find your perfect home? If you do not know, worry not. This guide will discuss the best ways to invest in horse property in Florida. 

Just like any asset, there are several things you should consider when buying horse property in Florida. These tips will help you choose the right investment and help you land your dream equestrian estate.




Not all the areas in Florida can make good horse farms. You should not compromise the importance of the location where you want to buy equestrian property in Florida. Besides, horses need room to roam freely, and they need pastureland where they can graze easily. So, the location should be spacious and long-term. 

Access points are also a key factor to be considered. The property location needs to be close to main transport routes such as motorways or carriageways. This will make it easier to access racecourses and shows. For instance, if you are an avid rider, you need a farm closer to a trail system, which is also horse friendly. 

Therefore, when viewing a horse property in Florida, check the access points and ensure there is plenty of space for your horses and trailers to move around.

A Real-Estate Agent Will Make Things Easier



Finding a horse property is overwhelming, especially with all the options available in the market. Luckily, a competent professional real estate agent will make the search less troublesome and provide tips on how to invest in horse property in Florida. 

An agent will be your assistant who will listen to your needs and point you to your desired horse farm. Additionally, an agent will provide insight into the market, help you negotiate the prices to match your budget, and translate the mumbo jumbo associated with the purchase process. 

It is worth mentioning that when choosing an agent or investment service, you should pick one who is familiar with this industry. We recommend selecting one who is reputable in the business. Check what others are saying about those property investment services in Florida and go with the one with the best reviews. 

Moreover, consider those agents who own or ride horses or are as passionate about equines as you are. The agent should also be from your region and be familiar with the local zoning requirements. 

What Are Your Intentions? 



Do you want your horse property to be a profitable business, a recreational center, or a hobby? Or commercial or private property? How many horses do you own or plan on buying? The moment you are conversant with your intentions, the easier it will become to invest in horse property in Florida. 

Remember that the aspects needed in a commercial horse farm will be different from those of a private one. Also, think about the future and what you may want to add to your property in the next few years.

Familiarize yourself with the Industry



It could be a big disappointment for you to purchase a property only to find out that you cannot do what you wanted. So, before you invest in an equestrian estate, you need to be conversant with the rules and regulations of that municipality. That includes property-use restrictions, land conservation, and environmental issues. 

For instance, what is the number of horses allowed on a farm? Your agent should come in handy in such concerns. Make sure to exhaust each rule and regulation with them. 

High-Quality Land



So, you see a nice farm, a spacious one indeed, that meets most of your requirements and you think, well, this might be the one! But have you checked on the soil quality? Some people tend to assume such elements. However, land should never be compromised. You can change the house and other moveable items, but the land is unchangeable. If you get a farm with poor soil quality, you will have to count your losses. 

The best way is to invest in horse property with free-draining soil since it is easy to maintain during all seasons. Moreover, ensure that the soil is of excellent quality especially if you will graze your horses. Avoid clay-based soils, rocky lands, or farms full of heavy weeds. Also, confirm if the location has plants that are harmful to horses e.g., foxglove. 

Water Access



How is the water situation in your desirable horse property? Are there any water rationings in that area? Bear in mind that horses tend to drink up to about ten gallons of water in a day. So, when checking a farm, ensure it has good access to water. 

Besides, confirm the plumbing and ensure they are up to date. Water sinks or facilities should be easy to reach in the stables and your house. You certainly do not want to be dragging gallons of water around the farm.

Stick to Your Budget



Do not overspend your original budget. Instead, before heading out looking for a property, sit down and set a realistic budget. Your agent will then help you find properties that are within that budget. Besides, be confident and do not fear negotiating any deal. 

Think About Potential Buyers



Are you buying a property that you intend to resale in the future? If so, then purchase a farm that is in a good location and one that will appreciate over the years. Also, ensure to keep the property as attractive as possible to lure in potential buyers in the future. 


By now, you are aware of how to invest in horse property in Florida. If you are interested in buying an equestrian farm, do your research. There are many horse properties around Florida, but not all of them can match your needs. Do your best to get the best agent to assist you to acquire a proper horse property that fulfills your preferences. Take your time and weigh the options.

Written by Liran Koren

Liran Koren is a real estate pro and co-founder of Luxury Property Care.            

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