After a long, exhausting day of riding, there is nothing better than unwinding in a bubble bath. Yet, it can be difficult to unwind if your bathroom feels cluttered and confined. Interior designers have developed several ideas that can make your bathroom appear and feel larger than it actually is. Whether you are changing the color palette of your bathroom or changing the lighting, these ideas are simple but can make a large difference.Make bathroom bigger


  1. The larger the mirror, the better.

Interior designers regularly use mirrors to expand the feel of a room. A large mirror in the bathroom has the effect; it makes it feel more airy and roomy. While mirrors can be pricey, they have a good return.  Buyers prefer larger bathrooms and like mirrors that they can easy to see into. To add a special touch, consider adding a unique frame around the outside.


  1. Toss the shower curtain.

The problem with shower curtains is that they block the eye from seeing the entire space. If you replace the shower curtain with a glass panel and door, the room will appear larger because you can see the entire area. You can always install frosted or tinted glass, if you prefer more privacy as well.


  1. Illuminate the room.

Bathrooms often lack natural light. Dark lighting makes a room feel confined. Whether you increase the wattage in your light bulbs or install additional lighting fixtures, make sure the bathroom is brightly lighted. Also, make sure the entire space is evenly lit rather than having shadows in certain areas of the bathroom.


  1. Less is more.

Smaller vanities make the bathroom appear bigger. If you do not need the extra space, consider installing a vanity that meets your needs but does not crowd the room. The negative space will define your vanity and bring balance to the bathroom.


5.  Choose a refreshing color palette.

White on white always gives a more spacious look. White reflects natural light to make a bathroom appear more illuminated. Traditionally, many fixtures in the bathroom are already white so a white color palette will make the room appear even roomier. However, if you do not like too much white, choose more neutral tones. Neutral colors still gives the room personality but does not confine the space.


By Anna Hellman

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