Springtime around the barn can be chaotic. Whether you have muddy blankets everywhere, upcoming horse shows, injured horses, or horse kids getting out of school; the barn can quickly get disorganized. Specifically, the tack room can lose all organization in a matter of minutes. So to combat those issues, we came up with a few hacks to help organize your tack room this spring:


  1. Color Coding

    Easy Ways to organize your tack room

    Easy Ways To Organize Your Tack Room

To organize tack for multiple horses, consider giving each horse a specific color.  You can use color-coded zip ties and duck tape to differentiate each horses items (blankets, tack, boots, buckets, etc.). Especially if you have horses regularly used by kids, you can tell them what color to use and they can easily determine the tack they need.


2.  Hanging Shoe Organizers

When you need a different bit, do you have to rummage through a box trying to find it? Instead, purchase a shoe organizer and place different types of bits in different shoe pockets. If you have extra shoe pockets, you can also use them to organize your grooming supplies or tack cleaning equipment.


  1. Wrap the Blanket Wraps

Blankets, saddle pads, and wraps can easily slip off metal blanket racks. Once these items fall onto the floor, they create more clutter. To solve the problem, wrap the metal poles in Vetrap and then hang up the blankets. The Vetrap will prevent the blankets and saddle pads from slipping.


  1. Try to Organize Vertically

Your tack room is not going to get larger so you try to organize vertically. Install storage spaces up the wall rather than having boxes on the floor. You can use pegboards or shelves to utilize all space.

By Anna Hellman

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