The face of luxury residential properties is changing. For many years it was an in ground pool and a magnificent gazebo that made a home the most desirable in the neighborhood. Then came the golf community home. People would swoon at the opulence of a group of affluent homes with perfectly manicured lawns huddling round a golf course. According to some industry experts, the golf course communities have hit saturation point and with around 9.2 million privately owned horses in America, where homes are concerned, horses are becoming the new golf.

Subdivisions that were planned with the equestrian in mind have been around for more than four decades, but in the last seven years the numbers have blossomed to a count that means horse home communities are now being built at a far faster rate than their golfing counterparts. One industry analyst estimated that recently between 250 – 300 new communities were developed in the US alone leaving golf homes in the shade. The homes are a mix of luxury and well developed houses, with varying parcels of land so they can attract a full range of equestrian families.

The demand for such communities was unexpected, but as urban families realized there was a real alternative to the grind of the stop and go daily traffic, crowded parking lots and battling through a legion of people to achieve the most simple of things, they are taking it. Factor in to their frustrations the time they spend driving to see their beloved horses, the temptation of a home with the horses, space to ride them and a community of like minded individuals, there is more demand than there is homes.

The way equestrian communities are designed is the biggest asset to communal living. Stables, trails and paddocks are established for the use of the community so that horses have the sociability they need and the training they require. Often arenas and club houses are available too and funded by the homeowner’s maintenance fees, which are administered by a board of directors and homeowners themselves to keep them in tip top condition. All in all, everything an equestrian family could possibly want is bought together with other families with the same requirements.

The flexibility in these communities is staggering. The range of land is extremely variable in size, even in communities within city limits. It appears that whatever you need is available, though you may be required to travel. In high population areas such as Burbank Rancho, LA, the parcels are around 1/3 to 1 acre, but more usually the land is around 3 acres outside the city limits, giving you plenty of scope to make the horse home of your dreams. With prices starting at $50,000, check out our fantastic range of properties and see for yourself, it’s easy to see why equestrian communities are so popular.

With the popularity of these beautiful living quarters it’s easy to see how horse ownership may rise in line with the amenities offered. It’s also ironic to note that most horse home communities also have … a golf course.

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