Social media is described as, ‘The new media that will take marketing, purchasing, networking – and any other kind of vital business ‘ing’ in to the future. If you want to ride the tide – social networking is the life raft that will keep you afloat’. Is it really that vital? How do you use it? And what really is it?

Social media is an amazing tool for reaching all over the globe, and for reaching people your network doesn’t cover. Customers come to you. They seek you out and, those that have taken the time to be familiar with your product, have a better idea of what they are looking for and how you can help. A little social media can go a long way to saving you time and expertise if it’s done well. It can open a can of worms, set unrealistic expectations and be used as a threat, if it’s not.

So what exactly is social media? Social media is a mix of websites that offer a different window into a business. Facebook is one example of a full shop window that allows a business to set up a page in a huge directory of customers that refer to it daily. It is a website that allows you to ‘like’ a page and updates of interest will be sent to you automatically. Our Facebook page is designed for selling property’s that can be horse farms in the USA and all over the globe, find it on It offers hints and tips on selling your home, advice on horse care as well as the latest in horse properties. It is a reference point for realtors, home sellers and horse lovers, and creates a community where we can explore things together and create a community network. Any way you look at it, if it’s managed well, it’s a great an effective tool that can reach thousands of people. Like our page and find out what it can do for you.

Twitter is another part of social media where small bursts of information are put out as regularly as you like, and lets people know what is new and what is relevant. It can also let people know you care. Again, it needs to be managed properly or it can mis-inform people. Take a look at our Twitter page and sign up for up dates. and look for Follow us and see what we do.

Linked in is a very specialised social media and fulfils another role. Professionals link up and network together offering jobs, opportunities and professional news. It is very successful and a must if you want to grow your profile and keep one step ahead of the game.

These are all great and powerful tools and can get to places your usual media cannot go, but you do have to know how to use them. The written word is powerful, and you do have to keep on re-inventing yourself and presenting something people want to read every day. It is also un-relentless. You have to keep posting multiple times a day to make it work.

Social Media is the store front window of the future, and can work miracles, so it is time to understand it and make it work for you. Later on in the week we’ll give you some tips on how to make it work for you – or you could ‘like’ our facbook page and see how we’re already doing it.

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