If you’re thinking about buying or selling a horse property, you have to find a knowledgeable, competent, and skilled real estate agent. Specifically, you want to work with a horse property real estate agent — a real estate agent that understands all things ranches, horses, and equestrian estates.

At Horse Properties, they are committed to pairing you — buying or selling a horse property — with the best real estate agents in the equestrian real estate market. For that reason, this article was published to help you find the best horse property real estate agent for you.

In this article, we will briefly cover a few sources to help you uncover equine realtors and how to qualify them for the job.


The Zillow Predicament

Before I dive into where you can find horse property real estate agents, I have to dispel an idea. If you’re thinking about using a large, general real estate website — think Zillow, Realtor, or Redfin — to find your equine realtor, don’t do it.

Avoid searching these websites for a horse property real estate agent. They are great sources for selling or purchasing your average home, but you’re reading this because you’re trying to buy or sell a horse property.

The general real estate websites have large directories of nearly all real estate agents and will show you top-ranked agents. The problem is that these “best” agents may not have any experience helping clients sell or buy horse property.

Don’t make the false assumption that a highly-ranked general real estate agent can help you sell a horse property or buy one.

You can try to use the site’s filter tools, but you’re likely to turn up few results. Filtering for real estate agents that sell horse properties can be difficult and down right impossible.

It’s far better to use some of the alternative sources that I’m about to share.


Use Horse Properties’ Agent Search Directory

You can start to compile your list of potential real estate agents using our agent search directory. Here you can find real estate agents in your state or within a 100 mile radius of the property you’re thinking of selling or the location you plan to purchase a horse property.

We may be a bit biased, but we recommend our tool for the convenience and ability to find horse property real estate agents near you.

Working with an agent in your state or near you is important for a few reasons. They can inform you of local regulations regarding horse farms, tell you about special financing that may be available, and help you secure any necessary structural inspections of the residence, horse barn and other buildings.

The agents in our directory have specialized experience and knowledge in the equestrian real estate market. You won’t find that anywhere else.


Use Google

Another source for finding horse property real estate agents is Google. I’m saying Google because it’s the most popular search engine, but you could use any search engine.

To find a horse property real estate agent, simply type in some of the following terms into the Google search bar:

  • Horse Property Real Estate Agent
  • Equine Realtor
  • Equine Real Estate Agent
  • Horse Farm Real Estate Agent

These terms will generate thousands of results for you to browse through. The term “Horse Property Real Estate Agent” turned up 120 million search results for me. But, often the resources on the first page tend to be the best.

One caveat using the search directories: just because they may rank well in Google for these terms, doesn’t make them a good horse property real estate agent. It could mean they are really good at marketing.

Keep that in mind as you build your list. That’s why it’s important to qualify your real estate agent or use a search directory like the one on this site.


Qualify Your Horse Property Real Estate Agent

Once you have a list of potential real estate agents, you’re going to need to whittle that list down to find the one equine realtor to work with.

First, look for and ask potential agents about their experience. They shouldn’t have an issue being able to share examples or case studies of past clients. Some simple questions you can ask:

  • Where have you sold or helped clients buy horse properties?
  • How many horse properties have you sold or helped clients purchase?

Now, there’s no specific answer that makes one realtor better for you than another. You’re mostly just trying to establish experience and confidence in their ability to help you in your specific situation.

Second, ask them about pitfalls, challenges, and what you can do to be successful. This question will be the most beneficial in helping you find your real estate agent. Here is an example question: what do you find is the biggest mistake horse property buyers make and how can I avoid it?

Buyers and sellers around the world have trusted HorseProperty.net agents for their expert insights and market skill.

To find a real estate agent today, get started with our agent search directory.


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