Moving to a new place with your horses can be a difficult task, especially when you’re looking for a property that will suit your budget. Finding the perfect property that suits your needs and budget is tricky for any equestrian but there are plenty of rural towns in America with low living costs and plenty of lands. 

Cost of living is based on many different factors but the number for the national average is 100 which means anything lower is going to be less expensive than the average cost and anything higher than 100 means it will be more expensive. Luckily there are plenty of places in the country that are relatively inexpensive and great for horse owners so let’s have a look at a few of them.

Lexington, Kentucky

When you think of horse cities, you usually think of Lexington, which has a population of around 320,000 people and it is full of amazing farms and farmland that would be ideal for any horse owner. The city is known to some for being the Horse Capital of the World and it has many events and stores that are geared towards horse owners. If you are looking to start a horse-related business then this is the ideal town as more money is exchanged in Lexington than anywhere else in the world for horse-related sales.

The cost of living index in Lexington sits at around 89 which means it is cheaper than the US average and they have many properties for sale that have more than enough land to comfortably home your horses. The median home value in Lexington is in the mid $250k range and there are usually over 100 homes available on the market for you to look at so you can find the perfect property that will suit you and your horses. 

Ocala, Florida

The city of Ocala has a population of around 60,000 residents and it is a great place for anyone who is looking for great trails to ride. The nice weather makes it easy for your horses to adjust and the winters are very mild so you can ride for much longer in the year than you would in many other cities. The town is known as being another town that has been designated a “Horse Capital of the World” based on its large number of horse farms plus it hosts one of the largest horse shows in the country (H.I.T.S. or Horses In the Sun). 

The cost of living index in Ocala is 83 which means it’s cheaper than the US average and many farms are already designated as equestrian property that happens to be for sale at great prices. The median home value in Ocala is in the mid 200k range and there are hundreds of homes available with enough acreage to support any equestrian.   

Dayton, Ohio

The city of Dayton has a population of around 800,000 residents and it has plenty of places nearby that would make the perfect property for horse owners. The town is even nicknamed “Gem City” after a famous racehorse that was born in the city in the 19th century. The town is very welcoming and accommodating for horse owners with many tack shops and stables in the area and they also have the Dayton Horse Show that runs every year. 

The cost of living in Dayton is 71 which is a great number and it’s much lower than most places in the country. There are many properties available in the area with farmland and large acreage for your horses to roam as they please. The median home value in Dayton is in the upper 90k range which means you will have plenty of options for homes in the area that are in a great price range. 

Nashville, Tennessee

The city of Nashville has a population of around 690,000 residents and many great features that are appealing to horse owners. They host many horse-related events every year including the Iroquois Steeplechase event. The state has been ranked 6th in the country for its number of horses and there are many existing stables in the Nashville area. 

The cost of living in Nashville is 101 which makes it a touch higher than the national average. The median home value in Nashville is in the upper 300k range and there are a large number of larger properties for sale that have existing stable accommodations on them already. The city also boasts a large number of upgraded and modern equestrian properties for sale. 

Southern Pines, North Carolina

The city of Southern Pines has a population of around 14,000 residents and they are known by equestrians for being the home of the famous Carolina Horse Park. This 250,000-acre facility has 192 stalls, 6 championship-level courses, a derby field, show rings, a steeplechase track, and an incredible number of trails for your horses to explore. The town is also home to the Walther Moss Foundation which consists of 4,000 acres of trails and a natural area that is horse friendly. 

The cost of living in Southern Pines is 101 which makes it a tiny bit higher than the national average. The median home value in Southern Pines is in the upper 300k range and there are

Many great homes are available for sale with enough extra property to house your horses and there are plenty of stables nearby if you choose to buy a smaller home and board your horses instead. 

There are so many great places around the country that are great for horses and easy on your wallet when it comes to the cost of living. With so many great options available for you to move to, it can be difficult for you to decide which one will work for you. Take everything into consideration and do your research before you decide which amazing town would be best suited to you and your horses. 

Article written by Amy Scott

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