Buying any property is a big decision, but when you buy a property with your beloved horses in mind … it becomes a HUGE decision. There is much more to consider when you have barns, feeders and paddocks in mind – and ‘any old house’ just will not do. Does that mean buying a house becomes less of an emotional decision, and more of a business one? Let’s take a moment to think about this.

Buying a new home is usually a very emotional decision. No one really knows why they chose a house, they make lists of what is important, but sometimes that certain ‘something’ pops out when they see it and some feel that the house ‘chooses’ them. Many women fall in love with a kitchen, or master bedroom and everything else seems ‘manageable’, whatever it is. But when you have horses you need to consider the outside of your home as much, or even more, than the house itself.

Horse properties are less common, so some make do with a house with land. There is the first ‘business decision’ and not an emotional one. Do I buy a horse property, or make one? There is a lot to consider in making one, a barn is essential for good horse care, and raising one is hard work and can take governmental approval; which all takes time. Buying a home that already caters for horses is a good bet to ‘hit the ground running’ and provide a home for your horse immediately. But it can still be an emotional decision. If you don’t find the horse and barn that speaks to your heart, the likelihood is that you will never settle in it. You need to love your home to be happy in it.

It may seem like you need to have a business head on when looking around for a home for you and your horses, but it really need not be. There are many horse properties around that have land and facilities for all price ranges. Do not give up on your dreams, just widen your search. Look at our list of properties and see what is around. Go to a realtor experienced in equine properties and they will find you all that is in your area and price range. Though you have more things to consider than the average home purchaser, you also have many choices. But most of all – enjoy the experience and take your time to look around. The right house is out there for you and we can help you find it.


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