I had a great phone call from a NY Wall Street paper yesterday and she was asking about how the horse property market was doing. I was a little taken aback, and a lot flattered, but it made me think about what I do. Yes, I sell houses, but I sell houses with a purpose. I don’t just throw up a list of properties, I look at the home, the client, their needs and try and match them together – and I love doing it. I’m sure the journalist was looking for an indicator of the state of the economy, but to me it is my life and my joy. It’s not about the economy or making money, it’s about finding people a home they love. I understand than to find the perfect home when you an equestrian addiction can be a challenge, but it’s one I love to take on. I want the best for every client and that’s nothing to do with the market, and everything to do with loving what I do.
It will take me some time to gather all the indicators that the journalist is looking for, and it will interest me to stand back and analyse how the market is doing, but until then I am going to carry on finding people and their beautiful horses, beautiful homes.

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