Looking for a sport that will help you to work out the muscles that you didn’t even think could exist? Or maybe want to try out the way to switch off and meditate, but maintain the high level of physical activity as well? What if you have a desperate desire to connect your life with the smart and empathic animals? In any of these cases, you should seriously consider trying out horseback riding. Although this may be quite resource-consuming because the equipment and the maintenance of a horse itself need time and money, you won’t regret a single minute and cent spent. Horseback riding is beneficial for your mental and physical health, this a commonly held belief. Keep reading to find out what you get when you decide to take up this sport.

1 Better Coordination and Sense of Balance

You may state horse riding is an easy task. Well, we wouldn’t say so. Any professional equestrian, in fact, would confidently say it needs concentration and an ability to control your body. Coordination is key. You need to watch the rein pressure together with your leg pressure and control the posture simultaneously. When on the horse, there is no steering wheel to direct the animal, and all the more there is no safe belt to fixate you tightly on the saddle. Even if the horse attempts to kick you off, you need to develop a high level of body awareness and find a way to support yourself.

2 Nurtures the Character

Horses are unpredictable. Like any other animal, they need a special approach. To succeed in horse riding, humans need to establish a special bond between them and an animal. If a rider ever offended an animal or a horse has injured or thrown its owner that confidential bond will be tough to rebuild. Besides, professional equestrians who take part in showjumping or other types of competitions first learn to be responsible for the horse, providing it with the proper transportation and all the necessary equipment which truly helps to develop independence and responsibility not only for your own self but for other living creatures. Moreover, horse riders know to take the failure with dignity, reach for more, challenge themselves, and always struggle to become better and better with every passing day.

3 Psychological Unplug

Horses impose a healing therapeutic effect. Even the Ancient Greeks noticed the curing impact that horses had on humans. No matter if you’re an experienced rider who knows to deal with a horse or a newbie who’s only learning to hold on tight in a saddle, you surely receive a wonderful opportunity to recharge and switch off from the everyday routine, negative thoughts and anxiety. What is more, horse riding has been proven to raise the level of self-confidence and self-esteem. According to the BHC study, horse riding reduces the risk of dementia by 30% and in the majority of cases stimulates only positive emotions.

4 Improves Mental State

The human-animal bond is believed to be efficient in treating those with substance abuse,  autism, depression syndrome, and other mental diseases. This is a so-called equine-assisted therapy practiced everywhere in the world Scientists say interaction with animals raises the level of serotonin secretion – a mood-enhancing hormone. An hour on a horse significantly reduces the stress level and positively impacts the overall state of mindset.

Horses are sensitive creatures and they react to every human emotion and change in behavior. Moreover, these animals are genuine smarties, they interact with humans in their special way. We have talked to a professional rider, who’s been dealing with horses for 18 years, and here what she says: “Horses are unique creatures. I have spent on a hippodrome a large part of my life thus I happened to work with so many of them. First, horses struggle to demonstrate their supremacy over a rider, they can even trick humans not perform their tasks. Nevertheless, horses make me boundlessly happy. I enjoy every minute spend on a saddle”

5 Flexibility

Ask anyone connected to horse riding how challenging it was at the very beginning to pull a leg over an animal or to mount a horse at all. Only being flexible enough can a person adapt to the cadence of the horse constantly. The more frequently you practice, the more flexible you become!

6 Admirable Muscle Tone

If you ever tried to ride a horse, you remember the tension in thighs and pressure in legs after trying not to fall down. Those who think that riding a horse is nothing more than a non-wasteful energy walk and the animal does everything for you now may have their world turned from the upside-down. The truth is, this is a great way to exercise all groups of muscles and burn those extra calories. Horse riding is an excellent substitution for fitness, stretching, and gym as one workout burns up to 600 calories. The back, abdominal, and pelvic muscles receive the maximum workload. Core strength is one more benefit of practicing horseback riding. The thing is the major part of the time an equestrian spends in a static position with the strenuous muscles to hold control over every movement of a horse and move in the same rhythm.

7 High Socialization Skills

Horse riders are a friendly community of comrades united with a similar passion- boundless love to horses. Horseback riding is a time-consuming craft, we’d rather say it’s a lifestyle. The riders spend so much time in the hippodrome or in the yard caring about their animal or after the friend’s one. They get to know so many new people at competitions, trail rides, and lessons. This sport connects people, helping them to establish solid relationships. Equestrians, as a rule, are the best at setting interpersonal connections and maintaining them. An interesting fact about most horse riders: they are willing to ask for help and lend a hand either.

Closing Word

A healthy mind, tightened body, improved posture and rich social life are what you get when you decide to step on the path of horseback riding. Not only has it proven to have a therapeutic effect on those with physical and psychological diseases but it also has become an integral part of many people’s lives. Horses are the remedy available to everyone.


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