When it comes to listing your horse property, there can be many things you need to consider to make it appealing to anyone who’s looking to buy. Let’s have a  look at some of the things you can focus on when you decide to put your equestrian property up for sale. 


Get the Right Help


Real estate agents are great at helping you navigate the selling process but it’s important to choose the right one in this case. An agent who specializes in condos in the city will have a bit less experience showing off the acreage and amenities your horse farm has. Ask around and see if there’s an agent in your area that has a good grasp on selling rural or farm properties.

The agent your hire should also have a good grasp of promoting your property online. Farms are commonly sold to people from out of the city or state and they need to know how to communicate with potential buyers. Look at your potential agent’s website and social media to see what kind of promotion and interaction they have when they post their listings online. 


Hire a Professional


When it comes to landscaping, fixing up the entire property might be too much for you to handle. Consider investing in hiring a landscaping company to do a quick clean-up of the whole property so you can focus on fixing and cleaning the buildings. 

If you find that you have too many small repairs around the farm that you can’t seem to keep up on then hiring a general handyman for a while is another great idea to get everything in order. Make sure to communicate what you need to be done, your timeline, and your budget before you make an agreement with them.  

Another professional you might want to mention to your real estate agent is a professional aerial photographer. For larger pieces of property, you want to showcase as much as you can and aerial photographers have the equipment to get you the best shots. Some also offer videos that are filmed with flyover drones or filmed during a walkthrough of the property so you can show it off in the best way possible. 

Focus on Your Target Market


One of the most important things you want to focus on in your listing, promotion, and in the details of the home is the fact that it’s designed with an equestrian in mind. Some things like extra buildings, trails, and any enclosures are great selling points for many different reasons but when you put them all together, it creates a horse lover’s dream property. 


Photos of the property should show off all the space that’s available for the horses to roam, the condition of the buildings that are already on-site, and the potential the property has in the future. These are things that appeal to both home and horse owners so it’s good to show them off as much as possible. 

Another consideration is the person you’re marketing to and the differences between them. A buyer whos’ interested in breeding might be looking for something different than a buyer who wants to start doing riding lessons. If you know your property is best suited to a specific equestrian market then focus the content of your listing to explain that to potential buyers. 

Fix It Up


When it comes to selling any property you want it to be in its best condition before you list it for sale to make sure you get the best return possible. For an equestrian property, this usually requires a bit more than just a quick coat of paint. Fix anything around the property that needs to be fixed and make whatever small improvements you can. 


A buyer is looking for a well-maintained property that is ready to move into as soon as possible. Make your property look as friendly for the humans and horses as possible by repainting, thoroughly cleaning, and organizing everything to give it a fresh look.

Two things that will immediately throw off a buyer when it comes to any farm property are broken fences and overgrown lawns. These are major signs of a property that hasn’t been constantly maintained. Get everything that’s visible in the best shape possible before you start to fix and repair anything interior or underground. 


Consider Where You’re Promoting


Many real estate sellers can sell your property through their regular channels but it’s a good idea to advertise in other places too. If you know of any local equestrian publications or websites that take classified ads, try posting your listing there and you’re more likely to find a buyer that’s interested in the extra features.

If you choose to advertise through other places then think about making two versions of your listing. One that focuses on what a regular home buyer is looking for and another that’s just focusing on the equestrian aspects. Appealing to both markers will give you a greater chance your property will sell at a great price in a timely fashion.

Staging your home to sell usually means bringing in extra decor and accessories to make the home look a little more polished. To do this with an equestrian property, you might need to go a little further than adding in a few throw pillows.

If there are no horses currently living on the property, see if you’re able to borrow one from an equestrian friend to take some good-quality photos. Using the horse (safely and with great care, of course) as a living prop will show the size of areas like the stalls, fields, and fences much better plus it gives the buyer a better idea of what a horse will look like on the property. 

Another place that might need a little extra help to show off the space will be the barn. Make it look as bright and clean as possible while showing off any storage areas. Hanging up your tack and equipment in an organized fashion is a great idea to show off how well the space can be used for the new buyers. 

There are a few things you need to consider when you choose to list your equestrian property for sale. Selling your equestrian property is a little different than selling a regular home but if you keep that in mind when you list it, you’ll have a great chance of success. 


Written  by Amy Scott

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