Tip 1 – Write an Attractive Intro

When publishing a property ad on the Internet, sites automatically generate the title and announcement. The title usually includes the address and price, and the first lines from the introduction are announced. Therefore, it is essential first to describe your property to make an attractive introduction! You can make the introduction unexpected and fascinating – it should successfully advertise the announcement on a positive note and attract a person’s attention.

Let’s take a few points to understand what qualities the introduction should have:

  1. Brevity – 5-7 proposals will be enough for ease of perception.
  2. Purpose – it is essential that the text clarifies whom the announcement is intended and shows the transaction’s benefit. It must first tell what the announcement will be about.
  3. Simplicity and accessibility – make the introduction understandable. If it is too intricate or challenging to understand, the reader will go to another ad, which has everything clear and understandable.
  4. Shocking attractiveness – you will attract few people with a banal and straightforward introduction. A little intrigue will not hurt, especially when it is essential to stand out among hundreds of similar texts.

Let’s consider an example:

The Adele Ranch, a few miles from the charming town of Belt, Montana, is the perfect place for walks: forests, fields, open spaces. Yet it is horses that unite people who work here or come here to relax. Our club has more than 500 people, and besides, thousands of people come to visit us every year. We teach how to ride, organize horse trips, hold games and tournaments. The horse instills in us the confidence that we can do our plans, that our possibilities are greater than we thought. This ranch is my life. I will be sorry to part with him, but I am ready to transfer the reins of government to another owner.

Tip 2 – Write Not Long But Comprehensive Ad

After your introduction, create a concise but comprehensive body section. It should interestingly and in detail reveal the advertisement’s essence and motivate you to take reasonable action – a call, a visit for inspection, and the purchase itself.

In the main text, you need to clarify that the horse farm is what the buyer needs. In the central part, it is necessary to answer all the questions that the buyer may ask. For example, tell the reader how many acres do you need for a horse farm. Or tell us why investing in the equestrian business is the most successful.

Your task is to give answers to popular questions “What? Where? When?” For instance:

  1. What are you selling – horse farm, ranch, estate?
  2. What will the buyer gain by receiving the property?
  3. Where is the real estate for sale?
  4. Where can you find a seller?
  5. When can you call, see, buy?

According to the trade principles, the more you talk about your product, the faster you sell it. Experts from real estate agencies believe that the ad’s length is not essential, but it should not be too long. A lot of information is harmful when it does not make sense or is not needed. It is better to briefly describe that the farm is in excellent condition, everything is in order with the documents. If you apply all the tips, you will be able to create the best ad ever.

Tip 3 – Divide Your Ad Into Subheadings

Divide your ad into thematic paragraphs. For better expressiveness, you can add subheadings to them. The information presented logically and affected the viewer’s brain twice as efficiently.

The primary purpose of subheadings is to make the text in your ad more comfortable to read. It is proved that a person paying attention to a large text does not read it thoroughly but only quickly scans it in a diagonal order. This mainly saves time for reading, but this principle does not affect the quality of perception.

The reader is looking for the most significant phrases that are of interest to him. Therefore, it is essential to briefly display the main essence of the ad in several blocks. Together, they add up to the big picture that characterizes the ad. For example, create a title – What does horse property mean? Or write – Advantages of a horse farm.

Tip 4 – Take Successful Photos

For a potential buyer to respond to your ad, it is essential to make a good impression. Photos will help with this:

  1. Images must be of good quality.
  2. Photos should be informative – show the territory from different angles.
  3. The farm needs to be cleaned up. Buyers respond better to ads that are pleasant to look at.
  4. Take photos in cloudy weather. If you take pictures on a sunny day, then don’t stand against the sun – the frames will be dark.
  5. Don’t cut off the horizon. Take photographs as far away from the farm as possible so the dimensions are visible.
  6. Choose the right angles. Photos taken from an angle on a wide-angle lens look good.

Tip 5 – Care About Security of Your Data

In the era of the Internet, it is more important than ever to take care of data security. Hackers and scammers can get caught even on harmless platforms. If you lose data, the consequences can be very different. One way to protect yourself is to use VPN. Your personal data such as IP and location will be hidden from malware. Thus, you minimize the chance of personal data leakage from your computer.

The most reliable service is VeePN. It is simple and very fast. It is enough to register on the website to download the application. The company offers users a free version. Using trial, you can evaluate all the features of the service. The company uses reliable protocols to protect its user data. VPN can also give access to sites if you are abroad and the site is closed by geolocation.

In order not to fall for the tricks of scammers, you should always remember 4 rules:
1. Do not share your personal data, such as: pet’s name, mother’s maiden name, etc.
2. Never give your passwords to untrusted people.
3. Never give any codes that come to your email and phone.
4. Don’t click on suspicious links in messages.
By observing these rules and using a VPN, you can be safe online.


To correctly write an advertisement for the sale of a horse farm, you need to try. These tips and strategies will help you write a quality ad to attract many interested buyers. An apt description, an enticing title, and beautiful photos will help you sell your property in the shortest possible time. We wish you good luck!


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